Hookalicious Yarn!

Curious Creek Yarn owner, Kristine was on Getting Loopy, Monday night with Mary Beth Temple…

I so enjoyed listening (via telephone, because of my damned dial up situation!) that I had to call in and award her a HOOKALICIOUS award!

1) Because she learned crochet and loves it for awesome reasons!
2) Because she gave honest and great information about “handpainting” yarn.

As you may or may not know, I’m a handspinner and dyer, and I have often gotten annoyed when people try to claim that handspainting isn’t dyeing. Yes, it is. It’s just a matter of definition and techique, and when Christine said the MAGIC words of “It also makes it sound prettier”…I wanted to hug her 😉

So check out her site here! http://www.curiouscreek.com/

AND DON’T FORGET TO TUNE IN TO GETTING LOOPY! MONDAY NIGHT, MARCH 16th at 9pm Eastern/6pm Pacific! FOR THE FLAMIES! 2009 Crochet Awards!


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