The Flamies

Um…just like March, “In like a lion, out like a lamb.”

Well, minions and crochet enthusiasts all, the Flamies (first annual Crochet Awards) came off, but not without a hitch! Good old Murphy’s Law was right there with us, reminding us that if we ever decided to take ourselves too seriously, to think again.

We kinda need a Mulligan (or do over) for the last third of the show since poor Mary-Beth had her switchboard completely disappear on her!!! Which means we lost the last and most prestigious award announcements! They shall have their day in the sun! We vow that!!!!! In fact the Mulligan happens on March 30th! Stayed tuned for more!

It’s still worth listening to the two thirds that went somewhat more smoothly than anticipated! (Never start feeling cocky that’s all this Fearless Leader has to say!)

To top it all off I’m going to try to get all you fabulous award winners the link for your awards but um….I start Jury duty and have to be up before the birds to get there in time…So I’m problem solving on the fly. Let’s hope for WiFi somewhere near the County Courthouse!

All in all it wasn’t too bad for another “Hey Gang, Let’s put on a show event from the CLF!”

If you can hear me blush when Doris Chan complements my pirate hat, you won’t be wrong. First off I love my pirate hat, secondly I think it’s cool that Doris Chan likes my pirate hat, that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy and like one of the cool kids J !

Ooooh and how cool was it that the industry people actually showed up for the awards! Thanks to Mary Beth for contacting them on behalf of the CLF! I’m glad they did show up, and actually appreciate the votes by our beloved crochet community!

They should, we spend buckets of money on yarn, hooks and patterns each year J

Best Crochet Magazine 2008

And the Winner Is….

Interweave Croc het

The Most Crochet Friendly Yarn Company

And the Winner Is….

Lion Brand

There are no nominees for this next award, this was at my whim!

Fearless Leader Award for a Crochet Friendly Yarn Company.

I am giving this award because of the many fabulous tales of equity, artistic freedom, and respect this company has given my colleagues. This yarn company is well known and beloved for how they treat crochet as an equal fiber art! The winner of the Fearless Leader Award for a Crochet Friendly Yarn

Tahki/Stacy Charles

Best Crochet Hook by a corporation.

And the winner is by ONE vote!!! Boye

Best Online Crochet Magazine

And the winner is! Crochet Insider

Best Crochet Blog 2008

And the Winner is ! The Crochet Dude

Best Crochet Podcast

And the winner is:

Getting Loopy

Best Crochet Hooks (handcrafted made by individuals and available for sale or by auction)

And the winner is!

Jimbo’s Hooks

Best Instructional/Technical Crochet Book 2008 Only books published in 2008 qualified for nominations.

Blue Print Crochet, Robyn Chachula

Crochet Pattern Book 2008 Only books published in 2008 qualified for nominations.

The Winner is!

Crochet that Fits: Shaped Fashion without increases or decreases, Mary Jane Hall

Best Crochet Instructor 2008

The Winner is!

Robyn Chachula

Best Crochet Design for Adults (men’s and women’s fashion, plus accessories)

And the winner is! Dragon fly Shawl by Lisa Naskrent (Ravelry ID crochetgarden)

Best Design Home Décor

The winner is!

Sunburst Bowl by Carol Ventura (ravelry ID Tapestrycrochet) who is currently in Paris with her Art History Class…sigh…Felicitations! Vive le crochet!

Best Crochet Designer for Women’s Fashions 2008

And the winner is!

Doris Chan (RavelryID DorisJChan)

Best Crochet Designer(Accessories: Hats, Scarves, Jewelry, Socks etc) 2008

And the winner is!

Kim Guzman (RavelryID CrochetKim)

Best Crochet Designer (men’s wear)

And the winner is!

Drew Emborsky (RavelryID thecrochetdude)

Best Crochet Designer (for children, children’s wear, accessories, toys)

And the winner is!

Candi Jensen (Ravelry ID Candijensen)

Best Crochet Designer (Home Decor: afghans, pillows, rugs, etc.)

The winner is!

Ellen Gormley (Ravelry ID Gocrochet

Best Free Form Designer

The Winner is!

Margaret Hubert (Ravelry ID MHDesigner1)

Best New Designer

The Winner is!

Tracie Barrett ( Ravelry ID traciecrochets

Individual Life Time Achievement Award Winner

Margaret Hubert (MHDesigner1)

First of I want to thank the CLF minions for carrying the Flaming hook of Justice in their project bags!

This year’s prize for Most Deserving of the Flaming Hook of Justice goes to …

David Burchall!

Congratulations to ALL of our nominees and winners! I love you all, you represent the hook well, and I invite all CLF members to join the Crochet Award Nominations discussion group on! You can find it by going to “The Mother of All Stickies Thread” on our CLF HQ Group message board!

Once again a huge thanks to all of our members who helped me organize this and figure out how to do the dang awards! Thanks to Mary Beth Temple on Getting Loopy for hosting us! And Thank you to all who called in, including those who got “disappeared” by some weird technological snafu!


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