CLF Helping Out with Saving Camano Island Library!

What? When and how the heck did that start happening?

Ok folks, I started talking about this on Ravelry. I work out of my local library A LOT! Why? Because, I can only get dial up at my home, and I refuse to get a satellite service because of a) the expense, and b) the speeds aren’t worth the price. The library on Camano Island, has high speed internet, I can use wifi, and I have zero problem donating to the library for the use.

Problem: The Camano Island Library is a pilot project and we may not get to keep it on the island. May not is the key phrase, because with enough community support and some fundraising, we can very much keep our library on the island.

I got involved with the friend’s group, and offered to chair the fundraising efforts. While we await our 501c3 #, we can do a long term project or two. One of these is the Save Our Library Penny Drive. Kids (and grown up kids) can save their pennies and when the bring them into the library they get a cute wiggly worm crocheted by either my friend Ann in Stanwood (Ann is a member of the CLF) or some of the wonderful worms donated by CLFers across the US of A!

Here’s a FABULOUS news article from yesturday’s Everett Herald Newspaper!

Thanks CLF!


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