End of March….

Wow! What an (Inter)National Crochet Month it has been!

The party on Ravelry has been a blast (wish I could have been there more often!), we’ve had great topics on the CLF HQ message board on Ravelry, and of course our very first annual Crochet Awards, the Flamies, happened with not too many glitches!

CLF members don’t forget we have a nominating group on Ravelry, so keep your eyes posted for beautiful designs, books, patterns and more throughout 2009 for next year’s awards…Cause hey next time we’ll know what we’re doing!

Remember we’re doing the make up show for our winners that got lost in techno-land, TONIGHT on Getting Loopy! Looking foward to being there, join us at 9pm EDT/6pm PDT on http://www.blogtalkradio.com/mary-beth-temple (Getting Loopy!) or download it via iTunes 🙂

See ya tonight!


One response to “End of March….

  1. Lauria @ Brackenbury Lane

    HEY! We still have one more day of Crochet Month! Who knows what crazy things could happen in that day?! 😉

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