Lookie, Lookie I got hookie :)

So….Today I open my mail and lo and behold what do I find?

A hook with a handle shaped like brass knuckles….hmmmmmmmmmmm….You think someone’s sending me a message? Am I a brawler? Who sent the hook?

Who else but CLF Hook Meister Jimbo!http://www.jimbosfrontporch.blogspot.com
He won the 2009 Crochet Award for Best Handcrafted Hooks
(for sale or by auction)
and this little beauty is now our

IT’s sooooo awesome and it works too πŸ˜‰ So, this will travel with me…and after events you’ll have to start looking for who got to hold our Brawling Hook…
Or who has been dubbed “Knight Errant of the Wholly Hooker”…

And I ask you…”You wanna piece of me? Huh? Do ya?”

This was the best April’s Fools Day I’ve ever had!


3 responses to “Lookie, Lookie I got hookie :)

  1. Want to command respect in your LYS?

    Feel insecure crocheting on that park bench?

    get Hooknucks!

    (Ha!! the “word verification” for this comment was “insyne”! coincidence?

  2. That is the coolest hook ever!!

  3. Bwahahahah! I just saw this entry, and this hook. It’s fabulous, and I want one! That’s about a size Q, right? I need a size Q hook…. πŸ˜€

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