Vicotoria’s Secret is totally HOOKALICIOUS!

Every Sunday my family goes over to my cousin’s house to have dinner and play games. My cousin loves fashion, she’s a clothes horse extra-ordinaire! So, she has a mega collection of magazines, and catalogs. One of those being the Victoria’s Secret Catalog, which she couldn’t wait to show me!

The latest catalog has the CUTEST little crocheted bikini/skirtlet out fit..but even better? They highlighted the very WORD crochet in a positive and cool manner at the top of the page! WHOOT!!!

So, curious I went to their website to see what else they had for crochet and wow! I see that we’re not so far off in doing our Adult themed book…Look how sexy crochet can be


Adult themed book? Have you forgotten my friends? The latest crochet bit of wonder is being created at this very moment. Patterns, and articles, fun and precoscious and yes, very sexy: Crochet In Chains: The CLF All Growed Up will be out in a few months. No publication date as of yet, because I’m taking my time and not stressing on the book! LOL…I have enough non-crochet related stress at the moment.

I can’t tell you what’s in the book, but I can say the CLF minions have pulled all the stops for this one! It’s walking the exact line I wanted, tasteful and sexy…A tease more than a peep show, fun, and frolic along side serious sensuality! It’s every bit as sexy as we are!


3 responses to “Vicotoria’s Secret is totally HOOKALICIOUS!

  1. I’ve found that most of the “crocheted” garments at VS are just knitted to look crocheted. Sometimes it will even say “knit” or even “woven” in the descriptions (I don’t think they get it.) But either way, the word is getting out about crochet!

  2. Fearless Leader of the CLF

    In some cases there were knit, however the bikini I mentioned and several of the other outfits were crocheted for certain. I looked hard before I blogged 😉

    And if they call something crochet that’s “knit” it’s turn about is fair play to me 😉 (Petty I know, but we all have a dark side)…

    What I LOVED was how they highlighted “CROCHET” in big sexy lavendar letters in the catalog 🙂

  3. I think I found the one in the catalog you were talking about, and it is indeed sexay. But, it makes me giggle to know that *I* don’t have to pay $50-$80 for it, nor am I restricted to their sizes. Sometimes, being a hooker comes in handy. 😉

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