So it’s spring, now what?

For many of us Spring has sproinged. One of the very well worn myths about most needlework in general is that it is soley a winter activity.

Why put away the yarn and hooks just because the days are longer and the sun may (or may not) be peaking out a little more.

You can always make a fun cardi for spring! The above was a free form ditty I made up a few years ago to wear to a spring art show in which my friend Bec Thomas was exhibiting. It was a simple and easy project, using left over bits of handspun exotic yarns, and a skein of lovely black acrylic (to help support the more fragile yak and kid cashgora yarns), I made the sleeves lacey to provide some well needed air conditioning!

With Eastertide upon us (or passover or Spring celebrations), now is the time we have furiously (or will do so tonight and tomorrow if you’re like me) crocheted our little mitts off to make some presents for loved ones.

Some last minute ideas:

  • Egg shaped soap bags (soap savers)
  • Restorative Eye-pillow covers (you can get eye pillows as health and wellness stores or pharmacies, why not crochet something with some lovely soft cotton to cover it up?)
  • Crochet some lace around plastic Easter Eggs
  • Floral themed wash cloths or dish cloths (you can never have to many of those)
  • Bunny Slippers!
  • Crochet an easter basket out of roving and felt it (doesn’t take more than an hour to make πŸ™‚ )

For spring tide crochet ideas:

  • Use cotton, bamboo, linen, and blends of such lovely materials to make tops, lacey over skirts, sun hats, socks, and sandle socks (ok for those of you who dismiss said things, remember some of us live where it can be sunny AND rainy at the same time!), take some anklet cotton socks and add funky trims, make jewelry, baskets and so much more!

There is always time to make pretty things out of pretty yarn… I’ll leave what’s pretty up to you!

And remember, when gift giving, don’t bother giving your gifts to people who do not appreciate them. What is hte point? Save it up for the folks that do…

Well, I’m off, I have to make some cute little Easter themed hair clips for my neice πŸ™‚ She’s just at that fun age! I can spoil her with all kinds of frufru things!


One response to “So it’s spring, now what?

  1. Chris Chellson

    Good stuff, it’s hard to find good articles on how to make stuff like that. You should try posting this on I find most of my stuff there. It’s nice because you can search by ingredients and by the name of the finished product. You can link your page to the website and it helps you keep track of who is using your articles. Great list of drink recipes for parties too!

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