Do you have your copy of the CLF First Ever Book?

Hey gang! A quick reminder that we have the CLF First Ever Book available as a PDF Download on, I also have a few of my own patterns and the Secrets of Yarn Guide (which covers fibers, their properties and the “best” craft usage guide. “Best” is a relative term, if you can make it work great 🙂 If you are wondering how a fiber can be best used to it’s advantage the list works as a great rule of thumb.

If you want a hard copy of the book it’s available from the CLF Website or from (just click on the carosel to your right on this blog!), it’s cheaper from my website, but you can get faster shipping from Amazon, you choose!
Another option is buying one directly from me in Portland, Oregon (or bring you book for a signing!), I’ll have a limited number of hard copies on my person during the Spring Knit and Crochet Show at the Double Tree in Portland Oregon. I’ll be hanging out at the Double Tree from May 14 through the morning of the 17th. I’ll have my sharpie ready!
We should have a few of our contributors in Portland as well and they will have a sharpie ready! Collect as many of our signatures as you can!!!

2 responses to “Do you have your copy of the CLF First Ever Book?

  1. SpinstersEmporium

    Have a peek at, it’s free P&P and sells lots of lovely stuff like VINTAGE TEXTILES, FANCY YARNS, HABERDASHERY, WALLPAPERS, PATTERNS AND CRAFT BOOKS.

    Also check out the blog… for all the latest info on fun crafty times and grand expeditions.

  2. I wish I could afford a copy….
    I wish i could afford a pdf ….

    I wish but spent all my money on yarn….doooh

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