International Year of Natural Fibers: 2009

The CLF message board on is a fabulous place, our members come from a wide range of countries, socio-economic status, professions, beliefs, you name it! One of the things I love most about the message board is the dedication by members to spread the word about events, contests, and activities to provide awareness and how we crochet enthusiasts can participate!

Marly, known as The Yarn Thing, posted a great piece today about a real world and virtual effort called Keeping the Fleece.

Keeping the Fleece is an organization that is celebrating the International Year of Natural Fibers as sanctioned by the United Nations. I could give you a history as to why we would be concerned about natural fibers etc, but they have a fabulous website and put forth the infomation very eloquently. They also have a fabulous contest with some really fun categories! We’d love for crocheters to represent well in this activity! So check out the contest on Keeping the Fleece’s website.

I am definately thinking of entering, and I’m going to inform my local fiber arts group and LYS with this information too. I’m a big fan of Heifer International, sustainable farming, and self-sufficiency.

If you support this kind of activity don’t be quiet about it, feel free to share the information with friends, neighbors, family and fiber arts groups. Heck blog about it. The more folks who network the more things can happen!


2 responses to “International Year of Natural Fibers: 2009

  1. Just and FYI…The first link “Keeping the Fleece” doesn’t work. I believe the correct URL should be

  2. visualperspective

    I have dog hair I can donate to the cause…

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