Extended Deadline, Earth Day, and other crochet goodness

First things first!!

The new deadline for the 400 yd or Less book (also known as CLF Book #3) is May 20th. My life is slightly hectic at the moment, and I’ll be in Portland, Oregon playing with my CGOA and Free Form pals, AND Fellow CLFers!

Don’t forget we are going to Party with the CLF! How? Heck if I know. We’ll figure out something fibery and fun 😉 Maybe an impromptu conga line or something.

So…on to Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day!

In honor of Earth Day many folks look to using “natural” fibers, especially plant fibers. I want to encourage people to play around with many natural fibers, animal and plant. However, as you well know I get mighty miffed by the constant use of “common” wisdom and mythology.

1) Animals and Plants both use land. When agriculture is practiced properly nothing is wasted or harmed. Poor farming practices (including organic practices that are less than above board but meet the USDA standards…rolling eyes) happen, but don’t tar everyone with the same brush. That’s foolish. I know lots of goat and sheep farmers who act responsibly, and I know a lot of vegetable/fruit farmers who don’t (and many others who do)… So, if you live in an agrarian area check out your local farms if you can and make up your own mind. If not, don’t believe everything people say, without researching it for yourself!

2) Just because something is “natural” doesn’t mean it isn’t harmful. Remember that lead, cadmium, arsenic, uranium, and ammonia are all very very natural.

How we use, dispose, re purpose and how we shop for our products are important matters. Everyone has to come to their own conclusions about things…

But for the love of all that’s fuzzy, please remember that people are natural resources too, and when looking for yarns try to find out where they were made.

Have a happy Earth Day. Treat our planet and all who live in it well this day and everyday!


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