Come on crocheters, get with it!

Ok, crocheters, hookers, babies, dears: Listen up.

We need more of a web presence. Don’t leave it all up to your beloved folks on the blogosphere, and on twitter…Come out, come out where ever you are: Stand up loud and proud, be counted.

I mean really it’s not that big a deal. Get a Twitter account, and tweet away about your pretty projects and fun things. I would love you to outnumber the weirdos selling weird things with not real photos of “models” (or porn stars, at least that is what they look like to me)… Join and then follow me, I’ll follow you I promise and we can sing great crochet music online together! I’m Camanomade on Twitter as well as on

Don’t forget to join us on Ravelry either!

Oh and one more thing, I want to see mega hookin’ representin’ in Portland! Let’s show em a good time folks!


4 responses to “Come on crocheters, get with it!

  1. Oh fearless leader, what is your twitter name? I can’t find you! 🙂


    twinbush on twitter

  2. Hey there… I just discovered your site today, and I am THRILLED to see Crochet get out there a bit. Here’s my site:

    Thanks for such great info!

  3. Sweet Mama Jones

    Your wish is my command. I never wanted a twit (twitter, whatever) account before now because of not wanting to get hooked on one more thing…but we gotta REPRESENT! lol
    I am SweetMamaJones on twitter, now lets see if I can figure out how to post something…

  4. I’m a Proud Crocheter/Crafter you can find me on Ravelry (busybee68) and you can tweet me @JenShelton68.

    Hope to hear from ya!

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