A rare but warranted Review.

I rarely review books on this blog, but I bought one today and it deserves attention and notice!

Hooked for Life Adventures of a Crochet Zealot by Mary Beth Temple is a fabulous, heart warming, and funny read. Yes, you know I adore Mary Beth Temple, and yes originally that’s why I bought it.

I purchased the book at my local bookstore (excited to see it on the shelf), because I try to buy crochet books there as much as possible, AND because I really adore Mary Beth Temple and want to see her do well (and hell she bought my book, too!).

I had to take my son to Tae Kwon Do this afternoon, and so instead of shopping or puttering around town, or even crocheting in the mini-van, I picked up my new book and started to read.

From the moment I cracked open the page, all I kept saying was, “Right on!” and “That’s why you are in the CLF!” and “Hook ON! My friend!” I chuckled, I nodded, and I misted up a few times. It was a very “Jerry McGuire moment” she had me at hello.
Temple takes a positive approach to crochet, it’s history, how we’ve viewed by others, how we view ourselves, and on every page makes a beautiful case for the value of that which we who wield the hook LOVE!

It’s a jaunty ramble of her journey, with which many crocheters can identify readily! From the humorous methods of dealing with gauge issues, to dealing with mixing beverages and yarn, to exploding stashes, and magic balls, to wondering just how that scarf got that big, to the lack of details of just how did that Beer Can hat craze get started and WHY on earth did it catch on in the first place? To the love we who crochet spread in our works of charity, gifts for family, and afghans, yes, in our love of afghans. In fact, I who am often prejudicial against afghans (cause I’m not into making them) changed my mind about them after reading her passage about them. In fact I’m half tempted to start making one right now! (And I misted up!)

It is NOT an in defense of crochet book, it is not apologetic, it is bare bones, this is what we do, here’s some history, here’s why I love it (and why ME love it too), and here’s what it means to many people across the world. It’s witty, erudite, and light.

It is the PERFECT gift for your friends who crochet, it is the perfect treat for yourself, put it on your list of MUST READS!

It does not attempt to convert anyone to anything, it just IS about crochet. It earns an award from me…

Mary Beth Temple I award your fabulous hooky tome the SET MY PICOT FREE AWARD!

As soon as I get to a high speed connection I’m put this on the carosel!


8 responses to “A rare but warranted Review.

  1. Awww – thanks so much! And I am so glad you appreciated the “I am not apologizing for being a crocheter” aspect, because I think it’s time we not only earned some crochet respect, but knocked that stupid chip off our collective shoulders as well.

    Hooks held high, people, hooks held high!


  2. Wow, I have to get this book. (It’s a given that I was going to get it, but now I’m very anxious to!) You’re good at reviewing books, Laurie.

  3. Yarn Princess

    I wanted it too… Might be a trip to the bookstore in the cards for today.

  4. I love that book! I was laughing the whole time. Although personally, I don’t mind being called a ‘hooker’. 🙂

  5. Fearless Leader of the CLF

    MBT: You…POINT BLANK…ROCK! Yay. I love and I mean love it. And yeah, as my very good aging hippy buddy says, “Don’t get mad, get organized” GRIN…

    VASHTI: Get the damn book 😉

    Yarn Princess: It’s worth every penny…It’s worth MORE than that…I love love love love it.

    Grieney: Yeah, I’m not too bothered with the Hooker thing, but hey I’ve been called far worse. 😉 LOL

  6. Alison Friday

    I’ll add that to my always growing crochet and knit book list;-).

  7. Yarn Princess

    Ok… one day later and a trip to the bookstore… I now have two new books, Hooked for Life and A to Z of Crochet (for the “reference library” that I’m trying to get hubby to use) and the spring Interweave Crochet. But I’m going to discipline myself and finish the book I’m reading before reading it. So in a week or two… 🙂

  8. Sweet Mama Jones

    I am so going to buy this book this week. I need a good crochet pick me up after the anti-crochet BS I encountered a few days ago.

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