Cry Free Form!

Free form crochet is becoming more and more popular, as people begin to experiment with yarns and hooks, it’s another exciting time to be a crocheter. However, there is one thing about free forming I want to make absolutely clear: Scrumbling is not the only thing that constitutes free form.
Scrumbling, or crochet doodling, is what is most commonly seen as free form. Don’t get me wrong, scrumbling is fun, and can be a gorgeous and fun way to create in crochet. But it’s not the only way to free form, it is a way of freeforming.
I don’t scrumble often, mostly because I’ll loose all the darn pieces before I ever get them sewn together. I most often free form using lace, I’ll free form sleeves, or borders to sweaters, occaisionally I’ll free form hats and scarves.
No, I don’t mean just going patternless, that’s commando crocheting ! You can free form with squares, motifs, plain crochet. It takes a couple different kinds of yarns, a few different hook sizes, switching up stitches, or yarns. I’ve done a free form piece only using HDC, but changing my yarns throughout allowing the yarn to do the work for me. I’ve used the same yarn, and changed hooks and stitches and let them do the work.
I’ve done a straight sweater and free formed the sleeves. It all depends…
Oh, and I love bullions they are fun to make, but you can free form without using those too! I know, I know blasphemer that I am! Personally I love surface crocheting, and structural crochet for free forming!
In Portland, I took Myra Wood’s Advanced Free Form class and it was absolutely lovely. I got tons of new ideas. Yes, I knew many of the techniques, but what I got out of the class was a new way to look at putting it all together! That was so much fun!
So, if you are lured into free form but don’t want to work with itty bitty pieces, don’t worry about it! You don’t have to…and there are some scramblers who will tell you that scrumbles don’t have to be little either!
Remember, there are very few rules to free form: It’s freely forming something…It’s very liberating!


5 responses to “Cry Free Form!

  1. wow it is a good point about free form crochet… I never did any piece that way but I think I like it and one day I will try it… or actually I did – I discovered the flower – there is absolutely no pattern for that flower, and you don`t even have to count stitches just crochet the flower I love this design… it is only a little free form crochet flower then…

    but anyway thanks the tips I love your blog!

  2. Fearless Leader of the CLF

    Thank you 😉

    I love to make flowers…and here's a secret, one of the reasons I HATE designing is counting stitches. I never really do, I just kind of wing it all the time 😉 LOL

    So when I do decide to write something up I have to do that whole counting thing and pay attention to what I'm doing. Not that I don't pay attention, let's just say I'm usually more intuitive than precise;) (Makes for some real doozies of mistakes, but you learn a lot!)

  3. I never knew I was a commando crocheter:) Almost everything I do is freehand, freeform, and or without a pattern. I’ll learn a pattern to get a foundation for structure, and then the next time I go without pattern, flying without a net!

  4. PS: It begs being said, there’s more to freeform than hyperbolic crochet and bullions, too.

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