Crochet Uncut E-Zine: Summer Issue & other stuff

Hey CLFers!

Our friend’s over at Crochet Uncut (The Official Unofficial Magazine of the CLF) have the Summer Issue up and running! Fabulous issue! Check it out! It’s free to join, but if you could donate a little something, something or if you have a small crochet/yarn related business and want to sponsor their efforts, I’m sure Darlisa would not take offense to having some $$ come her way! She does this as a labor of love folks, and I think she does a fabulous job!

Speaking of labor’s of love, I’m working on the CLF second book: Crochet In Chains (The CLF All Growed UP)… It’s coming along even though I’ve had to fight with Titan on some software miscommunications…stupid software! It’s fixed and I’m on a roll…

The deadline for the third book has been extended until the end of next week…so if you want to send in patterns for the 400 yds or less book, please feel free to do so…You guys are all so damn hard on yourself! Stop beating yourselves up for having lives and priorites that supercede the CLF books…DUH…it’s not the end of the world.

Speaking of books! If you haven’t bought the CLF First Ever Book…it’s still available on the Official CLF Website for only $24.50 (includes shipping), or from click the ad for it here 🙂 or as a PDF Download from for only $9.99 now that’s one hell of a deal!

All proceeds help the CLF (and it’s fearless leader) function in the world, and will help get more books out into the universe! So help a sister out 🙂


2 responses to “Crochet Uncut E-Zine: Summer Issue & other stuff

  1. Happy Crocheter

    Hi Laurie,

    I wanted to congratulate you on your book and the article that I am reading in Crochet Today magazine. I just love your blog. I can't believe I haven't found you before. I agree with all of the things that you say. I also have a blog and it is on You have been added to my favorites and I will be checking back with you. Good luck.
    Happy Crocheting!

  2. Fearless Leader of the CLF

    Thank you Tamara!

    I will have to check your blog out on CrochetSoiree 😉 I've got a little outpost for the CLF there 🙂 And yes, I lurk, I lurk like the wind 😉

    Hooks Raised, CLF Salute!


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