Call To Arms

As you know we in the CLF are tired of being downtrodden and mistreated. A good example of this was the latest crochet challenge thrown down out of Interweave’s PieceWork magazine.

According to the author (not a crochet expert by any means btw) this vintage pattern was not worth her time to finish, or she couldn’t understand it, what ever, it was flippant, rude, and why they had her do the article, instead of an expert crocheter is beyond me. And frankly, it’s lace, it’s not even necessary for an “expert” to do, just someone who does thread work, or has done thread work, or has crocheted more than 20 projects.

One of our CLF members Yarntricia, has suggested that we the CLF (and mad crocheters!) that we flood Piecework in a show of defiance.

Are you game? Check out their website, get the magazine or find a copy and get the challenge information including the pattern. It’s a 19th century pattern. But it seems the author was confused by this: “to join in a circle”…um…in crochet we join things to make circles all the time. That’s kina basic.

So if you are up for the challenge go for it. Yeah, it’s thread, yeah it’s tiny hooks, but hey get a good light and a magnifying glass. I’ll be off searching for a copy of said magazine. Because as you know finding any fiber arts mags in these parts (other than quilting, and I refuse to get into a back ally fight with a quilter because they have ever SHARPER pointer things), so I’ll be wandering and looking for the crochet challenge.

It isn’t that I don’t have other things to do,because yes, yes I do, but come on…it’s lace. Lace is JUST COUNTING…really that’s all it is. The most basic stitches are what you use to make the most delicate lace, really, truly and honesty.


4 responses to “Call To Arms

  1. You know, I looked at those patterns, and they're not hard. Perhaps a bit of confusion for those who have never used vintage patterns, but otherwise….

    I'M IN!!!

  2. I don't have the magazine…but are you saying they had a non-threadie do this article?? Um…duh. I don't tell bead artists how to do their job because I made some friendship bracelets in camp 20 years ago…

  3. Fearless Leader of the CLF

    You folks definately see why we in the CLF are up in arms!

    I actually ordered the mag. online so I can do the dang thing myself. Do I have time? NO!!! But, frankly I am much like Inego Montoya (Princess Bride)…Insult the hook and dang it I have to defend it's honor!

  4. Just stumbled on this. I don’t do magazines at all, but I do vintage lace. What is with these folks that give a hook to a what? knitter???? and expect her to hook? Sheesh! Why don’t they give me a baseball bat and sign me up for the Athletics? oh, because I can’t hit the broad side of a brightly painted red barn. @.@

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