Sweet Soap or Sachet Bag

Sweet Soap or Sachet Bag

Originally uploaded by Catcro

Summery, and hookalicious!

I love making soap savers, and they are one of those satisfyingly quick, useful, and welcome projects in the heat of summer!

Congrats to CLF Member dbknfivec (Kathy North) for earning a Hookalicious Award! Why? For a soap saver? Because, I am in love with the design, and making something useful AND pretty.

I get requests for these puppies from family, and friends at birthdays and holidays. In fact, I recently crocheted up a quickie for my son’s 13th birthday, because the night before he asked sheepishly if I could crochet him a birthday present. Sure, it was 11pm, sure I was tired, but when your almost teenage son requests a crocheted present? And he loved his very masculine version of a soap saver.

So, Kathy, YOU WIN! Because I am biased, and love these kinds of projects! And that photo is lovely!

If you have never made soap savers, check out Kathy’s pattern for this very wonderful award winning bag!



6 responses to “Sweet Soap or Sachet Bag

  1. I have seen sooooo many of these on blogs from other countries and L.O.V.E. them (but alas! can’t understand their foreign patterns…)

    But yay! Now I can try these.

    Thanks for sharing this. It is perfect.

  2. This month’s Kit of the Month from Annie’s Attic happens to be a “Spa Set” with a washcloth, beadband…and soap saver! Haven’t tackled it yet but will soon (I use the liquid body washes at home so I’ll probably use the soap saver when traveling).

  3. OK. I feel like a dork, but what are they for? I’ve never seen one before. Do you “gift” the soap in one of those and then take it out and use it, or do you leave the soap in there and use the whole thing as a washcloth?

    I feel so behind the times.

    • Well you can use them to hold a full bar of soap and have it as a washcloth/soap combo (I do that with handmade soaps) so you don’t lose the soap or have it slip in the tub etc. I put a long loop on mine so I can just hang it up in the shower so it doesn’t get mildewy.

      Other people use it to “save soap”, you know when soap gets really little and seems useless? 🙂

      My son loves his…and they make nice little gifties 😉

  4. These little soap savers are great! When I was a little girl my great grandmother made one for me that was in the shape of a fish with a BIG tail. The tail was used as a washcloth. It was made with crochet thread – could have been #10 or maybe #5. I have been searching for the pattern for a couple of years now. If anyone has seen one I would love to hear about it.

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