Saving the best (yarn) for later…Why?

Hippocrates said, “The life so short, the craft so long to learn (master).”  I think that is a very applicable statement when it comes to we who craft in fiber, with hooks or other implements.

So, often I am dismayed by crocheters who will relate that they are not “good enough” at their chosen craft to use nicer yarns. Now, often that is translated into expensive yarns, but nicer and expense do not have to go hand in hand. There are many nice inexpensive yarns, and there are almost an equal amount of not so nice expensive yarns!

But here’s the real rub, it isn’t your budget that bothers me, it’s how you feel about your self and your crochet abilities.

You will never, ever, ever improve your skills to the point of satisfaction by working with one kind of yarn for every single kind of project you crochet. If you only choose to use the standard worsted weight acrylic for everything from hot pads to socks to sweaters you will never feel good enough to use another yarn. Why?

Each kind of yarn, from weight to fiber content has different properties, just like in fabric and clothes, you cannot expect silk to be substitued by polyester (maybe nylon), nor can you expect wool to really be substituted by traditional acrylic. Now, refining has improved and there are some lovely new acrylics with various fiber properties from more stretch, to softness, to drape and memory. The fiber world is more open for exploration to we who hook today than ever before in human history!

Life is far too short to wait until you are an expert to use the good yarn. I’m not saying you should use the really spendy stuff in every ,or even just one project! But, if you can save up for a treat, and buy yourself just one little skein of something you have really always wanted to try, don’t stop yourself because you think you’re not good enough. Budgets are one thing, not thinking you’re worth a treat now and then is another. There’s no justification for thinking you aren’t good enough to deserve a bit of luscious fibery goodness.

I don’t use silk/camel every day, but recently I spun some. It’s for my 15 year old daughter to use in a project, is she the expert her mother is?  Nope. Why let her use this scrumptious yarn I spun? Because, I’m teaching her to allow herself the tactile, and simple pleasures, and it isn’t about how good you are that matters. Besides it will rip out if she needs it to, most yarn does.

So, don’t let me hear you say you aren’t good enough to use the good stuff. That’s a crock, of course YOU are good enough, maybe you just need some confidence, and that’s what the CLF is here to do! Join us on, and if you need ideas, support, or just answers to your questions, we are 3700+ strong and we’ve been there, will be there, or are there!


2 responses to “Saving the best (yarn) for later…Why?

  1. How about a follow-up post with some of your favorite yarns at various price points? I know that would certainly help me!

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