What is drape? What qualifies as an entry?

So we’ve had a few questions about drape on the CLF board, so I thought I would answer them here, and then you can decide if your fabulous hooking goodness is drapey enough to enter into the competition. And for the love of all that is fuzzy PLEASE do enter! We want to show the world the drapiness that crochet can and does give us when we want it to…get that WHEN WE WANT IT TO! It’s again about choices 😉

Drape is the word we use to describe a fabric (of any kind) that has movement and flow to it. It will “hang well”, it does not stand up on it’s own. You want drape in certain kinds of skirts, some sweaters, shawls, throws etc, you don’t want drape in socks, or baskets (in general) or some handbags. In crochet (and in knit) excessive drape will me extreme stretch so you don’t want alot of drape in places where you have stresses on seams (such as shoulders and bust lines…you can reinforce those spots.

Right now I’m making a gorded tunic with broomstick lace elements, it’s nice and drapey, and it will be lined with a satin under blouse, which is also drapey but not stretchy like the crocheted fabric. They yarn I am using is a brushed bamboo/cotton, and I’m using a K hook, and a size 37 needle to make the broomstick lace. If I were using a g or h hook there would be far less drape to the fabric, and none at all should I not employ the broomstick lace.

What will qualify as an entry, a) it must be crocheted by you b) a good photo of the item that shows it’s drape (movement flow c) you giving me permission to publish your photo here on the blog (cause how else is we gonna show the world we be cool other wise? And I will not publish photos without permission.)

Here’s a picture of the inspiration for the skirt, which is a little girl’s capelet I made to practice my new broomstick lace mad skillz 😉 It’s made with washable wool and polyester ribbon yarn (do not try this at home folks, bad fiber combo when trying to frog! LOL)…

Broomstick Lace Princess Capelet


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