Sock Summit Day 1: Loot

Folks, I have to say it. I have said it. Wow. I honestly did not expect more than a grudging nod to the hook in the Vendor’s market, but alas I have to say again. Woooooooow.

It wasn’t crochet friendly, nay, it was crochet WELCOMING! I was not snubbed, or talked down to, my money was just as green as everyone else’s and they had crochet-centric stuff to buy. Albeit, not tons of stuff, but more than I see anywhere else! I met up with some great CLF members! YAY!

I bought some totally awesome loot, including two more Laurellhill Hooks. I can not say enough about the gents who own this fabo business. I just adore them and their hooks! They LISTEN to us! I mean it, they want us to try out and test the hooks and tell them how to make them better! WOWSIES! And I do have to say that I have zero affiliation with them and I will attest that these are the very very very best hooks I have ever used. I love them.

You’ll see that the K word is represented in my purchases photo, but that’s written by CLF Member, author, and Podcast Host Extra-ordinare! Mary Beth Temple! I inded bought the audio book of the Secret Language of Kni… for my dearest friend, Ann who turns 70 in October 🙂 She’ll love this book as much as I love Hooked on Crochet, and the coolest part? MBT does the reading, so I’m going to have to listen in on this too!

I cannot wait until tomorrow! I’ll be interviewed by the fabulous folk at KnitMoreGirls Podcast! They asked if they could interview me, because they are firm believers in trasmuting the whole Crochate into Crochenvy! Brilliance I tell you! So, I’ll give you the link and I think you will totally enjoy it!

Now I’m off to listen to MBT’s podcast from yesturday since I missed it! Boohoo A live from Chainlink podcast and I miss it!  But hey, that’s what archives are for!

This loot photo includes:

Comic Books and T-shirt from Handknit Hero’s Genius CLF member Mortaine! Llama/camel/silk roving (oh yeah baby),various fabo assorted crochet-centric pins (not pictured: Will crochet for coffee!). A LaurelHill hook bearing the Tunisian K stitch 🙂I heart Crochetsocksummit 010


One response to “Sock Summit Day 1: Loot

  1. Next year!! This sounds like so much fun!

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