There are days, and then there are Mondays.

HUGE BIG FREAKIN’ SIGH….I’m nearly flummoxed. Today I was so proud of myself, I woke up early, made the calls I could make, arranged a few details, even worked on the book a little, then I sat down to make the video podcast.

In fact, I did my hair and make up. I never do my hair and make up. The fact that I did my hair and make up prompted each family member (including cats and dog) to ask me individually, “So what’s with the hair and make up?”

My response, though I have to say by the third repetition I was getting a little snarky, “I’m recording the video podcast today. I’m shutting the door and locking it, don’t interrupt me, and if you have to fight wait until I’m finished.”

So, I adjusted lighting, I made sure my props were at hand, and after the first rambling failed attempt, I even took a break and wrote some quick notes to keep myself on track. Finally, after two hours of struggle, I get the darn thing finished, it was not perfect, but I could live with it…and guess what happens next?

All excited I get to the library (after dropping son to Tae Kwon Do, and letting daughter upload photos), and start to upload the file to YouTube…”Too large to upload” it says to me.

So, then I did what I should have done in the first place. I looked up the parameters for video uploads on Youtube. BANGS HEAD ON LIBRARY TABLE  I guess I get a Mulligan. It’s coming folks I promise!

The good news is, while waiting for daughter to finish uploading her photos, I managed to snag a copy of Crobots off the library shelves. Now, Amigurumi is not my thing so much, but dang these are cute, and it’s a well put together book, and it actually gave me some ideas for Christmas presents for the neices and nephews 🙂

So, always a silver lining right? That and I’ll have to do my make up and hair again, joy oh joys.


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