Time for a Rant: Demanding some maturity!

One of the great pleasures I have is receiving your notes and emails. I love hearing your stories, and even answering questions from time to time. Yet, once in a while I get a note from one of you that makes me either sad or angry for you!

I got one such letter from a CLF member the other day, first thanking me for putting links to some CLF member designer’s pages where their patterns can be found, and then informing me as to why she was having trouble getting patterns in her area. Her most local yarn store, is run by an immature, thoughtless person (my words not hers)!

One day this CLF member went into the store, was going to purchase some very nice silk, and there was a class happening IN THE MAIN ROOM of the store! Yup that’s right, I know many LYS owners who do that so that they can help clients that walk in when they are short on staff or have a small store. The CLF member in question asked for help and was ignored, she continued browsing and looked up from time to time to see if she could catch someone’s attention…Well, heck and darn, one of the people taking the class (a pointy sticker, bless her heart and a nice one) pointed out that a customer needed help. And here’s the truth…and it’s just galls me to no end…

The yarn store owner said in a LOUD whisper, “Oh she’s just a crocheter, I’m not going to help HER.”

So, our dear CLF member walked out, not making a purchase and will not return. Good for you CLF member! Don’t forget to check the Crochet Friendly Yarn Store List for stores that DO want your money.

In this economy where people are giving people the line of “it’s tough times” and “I can’t afford to advertise” and “I can’t afford this or that…” then maybe business owners would remember that customer service is their FRONT LINE on making money. Most silk skeins I’ve seen in yarn stores aren’t cheap, that could have been a good sale…But no, someone had to be immature and decide that high school clique was in fashion this season and had to lose a sale…

MY GOD PEOPLE IT”S YARN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s all it is! Yarn…Yarn doesn’t care what you do with it, as long as you use it…

Crocheters, listen to me…Don’t spend your money in places like this, come over to the CLF Message Board and look at our long list of stores who DO want our money.

And for you immature folk out there who want to have dividing lines and don’t think our money is good enough for your store? Have fun trying to stay in business. Because my friends, had some of my pointy stick buddies been there, they would have walked out hearing a comment like that.

Stop the Croch-Ate…

9 responses to “Time for a Rant: Demanding some maturity!

  1. UGH! THis just torques me….

  2. Wow – I was blown away that there IS that kind of attitude out there! That sure is taking ‘snobbism’ to a totally new level!

    I both crochet and knit – and would not patronize a store like that – you are so right – it’s just yarn – and isn’t the point of a yarn store to sell yarn, not dictate what process we use after the purchase?

    Good rant!! I’m solidly in your corner!


  3. Ughhh, that shop owner needs to be slapped. Repeatedly.

    You know, as a crochter, I personally haven’t ever run into that kind of treatment. Maybe I’ve just been lucky (knock on wood), but the only time I ever “experience” it is when I read about it on someone else’s blog.

  4. I own a small yarn shop and I don’t want this to sound like bragging BUTTT I am luckily catering to more crocheters than knitters. I personally know how to do both and if anyone is ever in Elko, NV please do stop in you will not be treated like that from me (I’m a one girl operation) I really find that kind of behavior really sad especially from a business. And for the record I do not allow any kind of “snooty” for any craft and I make it VERY clear that EVERYONE is welcome and will always be welcome…..now that you know that hurry up and come visit 🙂

  5. Nice to know that store’s owner is so independently wealthy she can operate the store as her hobby, and only serve those who meet her standards. /sarcasm

    I’ve been fortunate never to run into that sort of attitude at any of the LYS I frequent — while they may not be crochet experts, and while they’ll have more materials and supplies oriented to the pointy-stick crowd, they’ve got enough to keep me coming back and they’re very welcoming of me and my money. I hope that stories like this don’t keep novice crocheters away from the finer yarns that can be found at LYS around the country.

    • Hi Roberta,

      Actually we have our Crochet Friendly LYS list on Ravelry.com and a some what incomplete version on the CLF website. http://www.crochetliberationfront.com

      I think highlighting these stories is important. I have been treated poorly in stores before, but certainly not in those I frequent most often! Those who have had bad customer service in general don’t see my $$$, let alone those who discriminate based on which implement is used for making things out of yarn!

      You comments are salient though, and I’m so glad you have a good LYS…Being treated well is the first thing on my list for making a store Crochet Friendly…supplies are almost a bonus. I hope that changes!

  6. That store owner’s behavior is so wrong on so many levels. She needs to return to kindergarten to learn some basic manners for one thing. A pox on such discrimination!

  7. I went into a yarn store yesterday to buy another skein of yarn because I ran out in the middle of a project. A snotty proprietor told me if I had knit my gloves, I wouldn’t have run out. One would think that since crocheters apparently use so much more yarn, she would encourage my passion for crochet.

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