Kitschalicious Hotpad!

Originally uploaded by mirquette

Ok, I have a secret love…yes, that’s right, funky hotpads.

I love hot pads, we just don’t use them enough! My great grandmother had a kitchen drawer full of the most amazing kitschy hotpads from the late 40’s-the 60’s…I played with funky faces, puppy dogs, and dressed the hot pads with floral hotpads, some of them were tatted, some were crocheted; I loved these useable fun objects!

Say what you will about the hotpad, but it is a useful object that deserves acclaim!

And CLF member Clelil made this beautiful floral hotpad by Loretta Schepp, the pattern is available here

Clelil! You earned this award for the mostest Kitschalicious fabo hotpad I’ve seen in a while! Form and function, pleasing to the eye and USEFUL…best of both worlds..

Congratulations! Clelil the winner of the Kitschalicious Award for outstanding potholder hooking!

3 responses to “Kitschalicious Hotpad!

  1. It’s adorable–and the colors would even match your avocado stove!

    (Went on Ravelry to queue this…and it’s already queued.)

  2. LOL…Sadly my stove is the sad mustard color…one day…a new stove 😉

  3. Fabulous hot pad! I feel the inspiration for some quick gifts coming on.

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