Disappointed…Why don’t you sign up for classes?

So, we whine,bitch and complain about crochet not being represented at various events, fiber festivals, and in local yarn stores. Here’s the rub, when they do offer crochet classes, often those classes get cancelled because of lack of sign ups…so what’s the deal?

Recently Myra Wood posted on the CLF message board that her classes had been canceled at the Oregon Flock & Fiber event to be held next weekend (not this weekend). I am so bummed! I was looking forward to seeing her, I am driving down from Camano Island, WA to Canby, OR to check out the event. I’ve heard it is fabulous. My dear friend & I are driving down to drool, and oogle over fibers, animals and yarn!

I am not a big class taker. I’ve had a few classes, including one by the fabulous Myra (and believe me you want to take her classes), and enjoyed myself. But, for me most of what is offered is stuff I have learned over trial and error…What I do want to learn is often not represented in the class lists, or even in my consciousness. I mean really, there are things out there I don’t know about that I may want to learn, I just have not heard of them!

So why don’t you take classes or go to these events? Why are we allowing the thought the crocheters are cheap, or don’t take classes etc to keep going? What is the deal? I want to know! Reply here people…

And speaking of crochet classes, Karen Whooley of KRWKnitwear Studios is offering a free trial class Crochet A Long on her website!

16 responses to “Disappointed…Why don’t you sign up for classes?

  1. I’ve only been crocheting for a few months and the only class I’ve taken is a basic “learn to crochet” class. I won’t be attending any more classes at the shop I took that at because I can’t get any kind of attention or help in that place. The crochet teacher is friendly once you get her attention. But I’m not going to support a place that makes me fight to get noticed.

    Stitches MW had a crochet class but it was basic and aimed at knitters. No reason to take that.

    The other shops around here that offer crochet classes have the basics or a class for a project I have no interest in. I went to a different store where they have a lot of knitting classes and there was a sample of an American Girl outfit they have a class for. I asked if they have any crochet patterns for AG clothes and was told to check Ravelry. No offer to look for them or talk about what else they have or see what I’d be interested in. After some more questions I got her to show me the knitting patterns and she pointed out the “crochet corner” that was a few crochet books. Not going back there.

    JoAnn offers crochet classes beyond the basics but I can teach myself new stitches from books and websites and they don’t have any projects I like.

    To be fair, there aren’t many knitting classes that make things I’d want. If I’d had good experiences in a store I’d be happy to take an advanced beginner crochet class. But no shop I’ve been to wants my money enough. Oh well.

    • So what kinds of projects would you be interested in?

      • I really wanted an amigurumi class and asked about one at the shop I took the intro class at. She said that no one wanted to sew things together so they don’t do that any more. And now I don’t need one because I’ve made a few.

        I’d love a class on crocheted socks. Or a “tips and tricks” type deal that would appeal to newbies and people who have been crocheting forever. That could even be an open group for people to share what they’ve learned and ask questions of each other.

        A Block of the Month or Mystery Blanket ongoing class would be fun. Quilters have things like that where they get one pattern a month and they may or may not know the end result. I don’t think finishing one block in class would work, but having new techniques demonstrated and an open crochet time would be great.

        Maybe a class on making plarn and then using that to make something.

  2. I haven’t found a class that is worth while to me and even fewer classes that are actually within driving distance so I don’t sign up. Plus with a new home I haven’t had time or inspiration to pick up my hook and yarn but expressing my creativity elsewhere. I am hoping to pick the hook back up within the next month.

    And yes the house takes precedence because for me I can only be creative in a complete, organized and clean environment, chaos limits me there is too much going on and I cannot get a train of thought to go anywhere. And I can only have one project going on at a time otherwise nothing gets done.

  3. as an instructor.. I really would love to hear why people dont take classes…. especially in the crochet realm….

  4. Maybe it’s just that I’ve crocheted for so many years, but “new” things I encounter in patterns seem to be just variations on a theme. What others call “stitches” are, to me, “stitch patterns” i.e. basic stitches worked in different combinations to get a new effect. Shells, filet, chevrons and so on. Nothing that I feel I need an actual “class” for since I can usually find what I want in one of my books or an online tutorial.

    What I would take a class for, if time and money allowed, is pattern reading, how to customize patterns, how to design my own patterns. Maybe a class on the math of patterns, what are the pros and cons of particular stitch patterns and what to avoid.

    • I think I’m with you on the variations of a theme, when it comes to stitches. There are very few stitches that can stump me…

      I think too that the construction, and mechanics of crochet (pattern writing, reading…math (shudder)etc) are more of an interest..

      All of those classes are offered through CGOA at conferences, though it would be nice to find them locally too.

  5. I tend to be the type of person who teaches myself. I’ve only been crocheting a few months, and I haven’t taken any classes. A friend showed me the very basics – how to make a chain and slip stitch – and I learned the rest of what I know so far from books and the internet. When I learned beading, I took a couple basic classes then went the self-taught route with that also. I enjoyed the classes. The camaraderie and seeing what projects other people were making were fun. But I can’t justify spending the money if I can easily teach myself for free. That’s why I don’t think I’d take any sort of basic crochet class at this point. But I would consider a more advanced classes. I don’t know what the topics were for Myra’s classes at OFFF, but I bet I’d have been interested in one or more of those. Since I’ve not even attempted a sweater yet, I’d consider a sweater class, if I liked the pattern, just to make my first attempt a bit easier. I’d take a class on how to adjust garment patterns to fit the wearer. A class on beginning designing or tips and tricks that the pros use would be fun.

    That’s my take on it, but surely there are people out there who would be interested in even basic crochet classes. I know people who are just more comfortable learning in a class setting than from a book. I haven’t a clue why those folks aren’t signing up for crochet classes. Maybe if they don’t find any crochet classes when they first look, they just stop looking. (The old chicken or egg conundrum.) I don’t think the one and only LYS in this town is currently offering any crochet classes although they have mentioned possibly doing them.

    • I can see that, not wanting to take something you can teach yourself…

      What seems more advanced to you?

      And as for the just stopped looking, I have to say I have fallen into that category many times. I don’t even really think to look any more. I’m shocked when I do find it.

      That’s why I’m doing a Crochet Retreat…mostly because it’s OBVIOUS…no having to look to see if crochet is allowed to be in the same room or venue, nor sidelined…

      We’ll see how that goes…

  6. I’m an advanced crocheter and would be interested in an advanced techniques class, but all of the classes I find tend to be for beginners.

  7. I would like to share…..

    I offer a free class with the stipulation that it is a CROCHET A LONG and that it is not a chance to get a free pattern…

    and what happens? one of the people who takes the class.. VIOLATES my terms of service and copyright laws to share the pattern with someone who couldn’t take the class….


    • OH.. in a lot of instances.. you may not see classes by instructors because things like this sour us.. 😦

      • Karen, that is really horrible. I am sorry that happened. I do know however that crocheters are not the only copyright violators out there. I have had to stop my knitting friends from doing the very same thing and explained how it hurts the designers.

        In honor of your situation, I shall do another blog post about copyright and infringment and how CLF members do not tolerate theft.

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