Classes…and a different question…

Ok, I asked the wrong question, or maybe I put it the wrong way. Or maybe I asked the right question in the right way for that moment, and I need to follow up with this question:

What kind of classes DO YOU WANT to take?

Inquring crochet minds want to know.

5 responses to “Classes…and a different question…

  1. To be honest, I have no interest in fiber festivals….thats just me. My lys is offering a class in Tunisian next week, which I have an interest in, but dont have the $50 fee. AT this point in my life, I seem more inclined to find the information I want on techniques either in books or in videos on You Tube. Does that make me a bad crochet person? 😦

  2. I don’t think it makes you a bad crochet person, if you don’t have a class in your budget you don’t have a class in your budget.

    However, the Tunisian class does interest you, so there’s an answer to the question posed. And I think it is informative 😉

  3. The only crochet class I have ever been to was the Clones Lace weekend workshop this summer. I liked it as a weekend course because I got more out of it, but it was a huge expense with travelling and accomodation. I don’t get to meet many other crocheters normally so it was a great weekend. I think crocheters are so used to being loners, and very independent, finding everything out for themselves.

  4. I answered yesterday’s so I will answer today’s as well. Techniques, I can generally figure out on my own via Ravelry and youtube etc. What I am interested in is color and how to use color and what colors work well together and how to pick complementary colors. This would be a great class for any yarn worker really and doesn’t need to be craft specific color theory is general. I don’t mind being in a class with others that don’t do my craft.

    Another class that I would be interested in is fibers, what types for what things. How does bamboo stretch vrs cotton vrs nylon and the various percentages of wool. Sure I can swatch up various fibers myself to get an idea since there is obviously play in any type of fiber but to get the general feel of things and a guideline I think this would be great. Yes you can swatch on your own but the idea I have for this class would be you pay for the class and in that is a materials fee, and so the instructor would provide a print out of whatever fibers he or she is covering that day (you may want to just stick with three or so). And then provide each student a small amount of that yarn and they can make a basic square to get a feel for the yarn etc. The benefit to this is who wants to buy a full skein of yarn to swatch it and see that they hate the way that X Fiber slips or sticks.

  5. I answered the previous post also, but to reiterate a bit for this thread, I’d be interested in classes in that go beyond the basics such as custom fitting garments or tips the pros use. I just taught myself Tunisian, but I’d take a class on more advanced Tunisian techniques like making garments with Tunisian. I’d like to learn tapestry crochet and felting. I can probably teach myself, but if a class was available at a reasonable price and convenient time, I’d take it. I’ve looked in vain for a class on bead crochet. I’m teaching myself that right now. (In fact that’s why I taught myself to crochet in the first place, but then I got hooked by crochet in it’s own right.) I like the idea of a class on fibers. I agree with Wendy above that it would be a great way to try new fibers without having to buy a whole skein. I’d also like information on substituting yarns. I am not familiar with a lot of yarns by brand name so if a pattern only lists the brand and colorway, I have no clue what I could substitute for that yarn. The number categories (if they’re even listed) aren’t always helpful.

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