Hookalicious Happyness!

afghan crochet

Originally uploaded by carrosflickr

This afghan totally rocks! I am a huge fan of simple, clean lines. Black and white can do some of the most wonderful things in design, and this blanket proves it!

CLF Member carro, made this lovely afghan for the home out of Alpaca from Webs. I cannot find the words to express how delighted I was visually the moment the photo caught my attention! Carro designed this lovely piece after catching a glimpse of a similar thow in a movie.

This is a great testament to simplicity exuding excellence!

Carro congratulations you are duly awarded the Hookalicious Award for orochet excellence in design!


2 responses to “Hookalicious Happyness!

  1. This afghan is gorgeous! You are right – sometimes the simplest configurations have the greatest effect. Well done.

  2. Even having posted it a few days ago, I just love the way that photo makes me feel 🙂 It’s a great blankie 😉

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