I’ve already learned all of that…

I hear that a lot from my kids, as I homeschool them. “I already know all of that…” It doesn’t matter what the subject matter, or if they have learned all there is, and so I usually reply with, “So, did you know X?” (knowing they don’t, yet), then I begin the arduous process of helping them begin to “know all of that.”

What does this have to do with crochet? Well, I have been prone to saying (when looking at a class list), “But I know all of that!”

When I was talked into taking classes for the first time, I found out just how much of “all of that” I was missing in my repetoire. It didn’t mean I wasn’t as expert as I thought I was, it meant that I had the exciting proposition of still having much more to learn!

I had no idea how many different methods there were to achieving seams, shaping, and other people I thought far more experienced than I were interested in my often “backasswards” approach to crochet.

I think we need to be careful when we say, “I know all of that”…Especially when we have trouble specifying what we want.

When you get a group of inventive, creative, crafty people together there is always something new to learn!

I’m thinkin’ a lot about this subject these days as I plan the retreat šŸ™‚ All of the folks on the committee are brilliant in their suggestions and ideas, and somethings I hadn’t ever thought about as a class! So, folks rethink the “I already know all of that!”


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