Deal of a life time! Mary Beth Temple @Webs!

Press Release: September 25 …Join author and designer Mary Beth Temple for the free debut of her newest workshop – Design It Yourself Crochet  FOR FREE on Friday October 2 from 10 – 12pm at WEBS. Even if they don’t want to design for publication, many crocheters want to design a project for themselves. While most are happy just doodling with their hooks until they get the results they want, doing just a little preparation ahead of time will make the whole process so much easier – while ensuring that you don’t run out of yarn OR patience! Handout with class notes included. If you like, bring some sketches, swatches, pencil and paper and/or a calculator to play with.


Now folks, this is the opportunity of a life time! I have spoken to Mary Beth on several occasions, been on her show, and organized an awards show with her. I KNOW she’ll be a fantabulous (yes, it’s a word, cause I say so!) teacher.

We complain about no classes, and this one is awesome. Obviously if you can’t get to Webs due to geography then you can’t make it! But you if you are able to go for the LOVE OF ALL THAT IS FUZZY…DO IT!


8 responses to “Deal of a life time! Mary Beth Temple @Webs!

  1. Sounds fabulous! – it IS just the sort of class we crocheters love to see… When is she teaching it? And this will be at WEBS in Northampton, MA, right?

  2. Ok… I was a dork, I only copied PART of her release…

    It’s now fixed!

    October 2, from 12-2 Price FREE
    North Hampton Maine, at WEBS

    • NOOOOO WEBS is not in Maine it is in Massachusetts!

      ME = Maine
      MA = Massachusetts

      • Thank you… I knew it was wrong as I was writing it…Bad headache= Idiocy.

        I KNOW all the state abbreviations, but can I prove it? Obviously not on my blog.

        Corrections stand in the post above. THANK YOU.

  3. This sounds like a great class BUT and yes it is a big but which is why it is in caps. Lets see it is a “free” class from 10-12 on a work day. Fantabulous lets all take the day off of work to head out for the class so then it is no longer so “free” I just lost some pay so that I could attend. (end sarcasm)

    And honestly I have never been to WEBS but North Hampton isn’t exactly a booming location that will allow a great deal of people to pop over at lunch to take part in some of the class. To me WEBS is a weekend destination so you will be able to allow yourself the time to browse all their wares and induldge.

    Honestly this sounds like a great class and one I would be interested in and probably even pay for. But seriously on a week day? This is one of the reasons I don’t go to a little LYS I will stick to big box stores for the most part they are open when I can shop. The people and/or business that are getting my money are the ones that are convenient for me, the ones with great Saturday and Sunday hours or if they even have just one late (meaning open until at least 8 PM) night a week. How can I shop or take you class if you schedule your open hours or your classes when the majority of people are working? Not all crafters are independently wealthy, SAHM, retired etc and allow them the flexibility to go to these things in the middle of the day.

    It seems to me that those in the creative and boutique fields want their cake and eat it too. They want people to come to their classes and their store but they don’t plan well for the majority of working people that are working a 9-5 (ish) job M-F. The creative world has a different schedule and probably more flexibility and maybe it is time to consider that if you are working in the creative world maybe your weekends shouldn’t be Saturday and Sunday but they should be Sunday and Monday or maybe Tuesday and Wednesday? Does that suck for the creative people to be working when the majority of the world has the days off? I am sure but it is a part of the price you pay for following your bliss, everyone makes sacrifices of their time to have a job. The creatives have to determine what it is worth to them is it worth it to work when so many others have the day off yet do something they love and allow it to support themselves or is it more important to complain about people shopping on line, not taking classes and only offering them during the traditional work day.

    • Wendy,

      I think we understand those sentiments, however if you go read Mary Beth’s post on her website “Putting my money where my mouth is.”

      This WAS a last minute effort, as her paid for classes did not fill up.

      I find many LYSes have very good weekend hours,at least I’m lucky enough to have many in my area that do. I don’t know about other areas,and when you get down to price per yard most of their yarn is about the same price or even sometimes cheaper than big box stores.

      Don’t get me wrong, I shop at both.

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