Daily Archives: October 3, 2009

Fall Inspiration…

Fearless Leader here, no rants to make really. Basically the same stuff still ticks me off, and we haven’t made as much fabulous headway as I would love to see, but we’ve made a dent. I suppose I’ll be content with that.

It’s Fall now, and the summer frenzy is at an end, or is it? Why am I booked solid each weekend this month? Birthdays, artshows, anniversaries, and of course the Jimbo’s Fabo Hook unveiling and meeting Rockpool Candy over Halloweend Weekend in Portland Oregon at Twisted…BTW If you come we can have our picture taken together with me in my famous crochet pirate outfit 🙂 Who can miss my Captain Crochet (Hook) Persona?

With all this business in mind, it is also my 9th anniversary to my wonderful husband, Jeff, who has put up with my oddities and madness (and even claims he fell in love with me because of them…twisted man) 10 years now. He enjoys my rants for Crochet Freedom, and puts up with copious amounts of fiber related goodness in the house (and the garage, in the two cars…shshshsh don’t say anything about the trunk right now)…He doesn’t care that I buy a lot of yarn, he doesn’t care that I spin a lot of yarn.

Getting to the point, we wouldn’t have a CLF without him being supportive of my mad obsessions with fuzzy stuff, or him unwittingly spurring me on to greater heights of creativity when he watches me work and says, “You make it look like magic…

So, with anniversary on my mind (October 28th), and all of these activities, I shall crochet, crochet, crochet…and then I shall spin, spin, spin. Lots and lots of holiday gifts to make you know!