Daily Archives: October 12, 2009

Baby it’s Cold Outside…

Wowsies! After a blazing summer with only 5 full rainy days, October has become rather chilly here in the great Northwest! It’s so cold at night we’ve actually starting building a fire, which I LOVE! It’s cozy, and homey, and of course that makes me break out the hooks and yarn.

Other than working on a project for a magainze (which I can’t say anything about yet, but when it comes out I will), I am also making a large  “hammock” for my niece’s stuffed animal collection. It’s very princessy! I really want to get that finished because I have a burning desire to break out the wool and make myself some slipper socks. My feet are freezing, and all my old woolies are dead…yes, dead. Held fondly in my heart in memorium, but I wore the little blighters out, and have not had a chance to make new ones…EGADS what was I thinking?

I also need new hats. The cute fashion hats I made this summer, just don’t cut it in this chilly weather. So after the project is over, and the hammock is made, I shall definately make myself some yummy hats and slippers too!

Other than that? If you are going to Rheinbeck look for my little helpers, they will have CLF tote bags to identify themselves and have some awexomse postcards to boot! Ask them for a postcard they have plenty!

I’ll have some of those in Portland too! So if you come by Twisted on Friday October 30th, or Saturday October 31st you can nab one then 🙂