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When it rains it pours… (Or crochet feast or famine)

So, I went to my local yarn story today to pick up the very wool which will become my warm socks that I so desperately need. The owner Sirrku is a knitter par excellence, and a brilliant crocheter besides, sher’s IS one of the most CROCHET friendly yarn stores, and I am blessed to have her just a hop skip and jump from my house. She recently moved her premises into a lovely new space with gorgeous hardwood floors, and PLENTY of room to display her yummy wares.

You can get good old fashioned kitchen cotton in a fabo range of colors, good workhorse acrylics and wools, and then delightfully fine and fuzzilicious baby alpaca, scrumptious Merino, and to DYE for silk/mohair lace weight yarns. I love her store. And she carries both crochet hooks and knitting needles in equal measure. I love her shop. It’s called PinchKnitter’s and is in Stanwood, WA. What? I am recommending a store with a knitcentric name? Yeah I am, because it’s named after Sirrku (the owner) she has been “pinch knitting” for folks for years before she opened the shop, and I like the play on words…And she’s the only game in our small town AND makes no bones about welcoming you regardless of your craft of choice!

So, what does this have to do with when it rains it pours? Well, we have talked around my teaching classes there for about a year or so, with nothing much happening about it. Mostly due to my schedule being wackadoodle and her changing shopfront’s twice (each time to bigger and better!…I’m so proud of her!)…So starting next February I will be teaching several beginning classes, and one lace class (which I think an advanced beginner would have a easy enough time for it.)!

“Laurie ” She says to me, “I am getting oodles of requests for crochet classes, so write your blurbs and email me! We’ll shoot for February!”

So if you want to learn how to make Irish Crocheted Roses, or want to expand your personal stitch dictionary I’ll be teaching a basics  “Make decorative washcloths” expanding stitch vocabulary class through out the Fridays in February, I’ll just do the one Crocheted Roses classes, which can be done in lace thread or in large yarn (doesn’t matter, shapes all work the same 🙂 ) and we’ll see how it goes !

If you go in before that time, look for the CLF postcards on her counter! Ooodles of fun they are!

So more crocheting is feasting on my table. OH and I’m almost done with that hammock, one more 400 yd skein of yarn and we should be big enough to hold most of the collection. At this rate I think my niece might fit into it as well! LOL


GRRRR… a rant!

I know, I know. Feast or famine! TWO Posts in one day. Well, you see when I posted today the first time, I was trying to search my brain for something to write about…This post is motivated by IRE…that’s right CROCHET IRE!!!

The CLF Message Board on Ravlery.com has a thread which we call Main Board Activity. We know that occassionally newbies to Ravelry who crochet ask questions in the main six boards, and are given tons of not only misinformation about crochet, they are often (not always) picked on.

We have a policy that we only go in to be supportive, provide resources, or information and not get into the stupid petty board wars that can sometimes occur. Today, an innocent person asked a great question about doing colorwork in crochet.

I CANNOT COUNT THE NUMBER OF PEOPLE WHO A) gave bad advice due to having ZERO clue about crochet. and/or B) PUT DOWN CROCHET!

I shall quote for you: “It won’t look right in crochet” “Crochet isn’t as attractive” “Colorwork in crochet is harder.” and my personal favorite, “If you must do this in crochet, do it in tunisian and cross stitch the design.”

While the latter suggestion is an interesting piece of crafting advice it is absolute RUBBISH because not only does crochet colorwork look lovely, it is also rather simple when you learn a few tips and tricks. (Huh, just like when you learn intarsia in knitting…I bet most folks first projects in that aren’t all that fabulous looking unless they are geniuses)…

So what did I do? Offered resources. The Tapestry Crochet Group on Ravelry is fantastic! Founded by Carol Ventura, a leading expert in Tapestry Crochet (and participant in the CLF First Ever Book available on our website ,) that is THE resource for all many of colorwork techniques! And it is FULL of helpful and very very talented people.

But once again I’m going to be blunt on the subject of giving advice. IF YOU DO NOT KNOW MUCH ON A SUBJECT STOP GIVING ADVICE!  Just because you do one fiber art and dabble in others does NOT make you an expert. I would NEVER presume to give knitting advice EVER, and I can use the sticks enough to swatch.

Once again I have been firmly reminded that the CLF is needed as much as ever.