Halloween & PDFs

Ok folks…Just a reminder I shall be in Portland next weekend for “A Twisted Halloween” at Twisted in Portland Oregon!

Come by say hi, get a CLF Postcard and crochet on the giant spider’s web! Meet Rockpool Candy from Northern Ireland, and Jimbo the Fabulous Hook maker!

Also in exciting news, I have the CLF First Ever book available for $9.99 on the CLF Website!  You can still get it from Lulu, but if you have had problems with them in the past, our site is up and working now. Soon I’ll have more available on the site and you’ll be in like Flynn with Fearless Leader Patterns, CLF stuff and MORE!

See you in Portland next weekend!

One response to “Halloween & PDFs

  1. I was hoping to make it to Portland next weekend and meet you in person, but it’s not going to happen. I play in a hand bell choir, and we have a bell festival at my church the entire weekend. I thought I could sneak away Friday night, but that’s not even going to work. Oh well, I’ll be thinking about you guys and the giant spider web. What fun!

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