Daily Archives: October 26, 2009

Crochet In Chains…the second book

I am not going to crow too loudly, but I do believe I have just finished laying out the patterns for the next CLF Book, Crochet In Chains (The CLF All Growed Up)… This afternoon, I’ll be shooting off the last few pdf files to the designers in question for them to give a final look see at their pages to check for any outlandish errors, THEN I will shoot off all of the lovely files to our brilliant technogodess who is going to paginate for me, and help make pretty the book. Of course we still have cover art to do, but she and I can get that hashed out in no time.

Hopefully we’ll have this puppy ready by Thanksgiving, maybe even up on Amazon by Christmas, but no guarentees. I thought I had a lot more to go, until I sifted through all (and I mean) all of my files…and WOW I’m done. I like the looks of the book. I think it is a good mix between sexy and fun, pretty and funky, serious and silly. A little bit of everything in a short amount of space. This book will be smaller than the first book with only 20 patterns, and maybe a few words here or there…but keeping it smaller keeps the price down for all of our wonderful members!

If it ends up being popular we’ll see about a part two. In the meantime, once it’s all in the hands of Kristin (Technogoddess) I get to start on Book 3…400 or less 🙂 YAY…

I know I’ve taken more time with this, but as I’ve said before, I don’t like stress and it doesn’t like me, so slow and steady is the watch word! I really think people will enjoy this book, I know I have really enjoyed putting it together!