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Spookilicious Spider Hat!

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As promised! I’ll posting some of my favorite Halloweeny projects from Ravelry.com. This morning’s offering comes courtesy of AngelaCatrina! The Along Came a Spider Hat is totally Spookilicious!

What an amazing and fun idea! Too much fun!

You know me, I’m a sucker for a funkydoodle hat!

I was going to post the links to the pattern because they were once available. Sadly this designer no longer has her patterns for sale,and she has wonderful projects in her project page.

If she ever does go back up online, I want to know because I will link her greatly creative and funkified patterns here on the blog!

Speaking of Halloween… It is 4am I am not in bed yet, because why? I was digging through my “office/room” looking for the hat that goes with my Pirate Outfit. I turned the entire place upside down, and yes, there is mucho mucho yarn and fiber to contend with…I HAD to find it, because the outfit so doesn’t work without the hat!

In fact, this hat is beyond special to me, because when I wore in pubic the first time for the CGOA regional in Portland Oregon (Fall ’08), Doris Chan loved my hat! Yes, DORIS CHAN loved my hat!
I was most pleased that she noticed the fact that the outfit comes together through the hat.

When I designed the outfit, I found that it was lacking something when I put it on. Sure it was cool and the epaulets are a neat touch, but it swamped me small frame. So I made a glorious Chapeau a la Pirate and voila, the whole thing really does becomes one great piece. Panic happened when I could not find me piratey hat…the good news? I had it safely put away where it couldn’t get hurt…Which of course is why I could not find it 😉 Since when do I put stuff away right?

Now for my hook collection, where is that L hook?  …