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Holiday Crochet: Simple, Pretty, and ooh so impressive!

One of the things I love about crocheting gifts is how easily impressed people are! In fact some of the simplest gifts look ” oh so complicated”. Not that it doesn’t take skill to make beautiful things like this Earthen Treasures necklace by CLF member Truknit., it does. But simple, and quick projects like this, combined with a good eye for beads, and an artful flare make a great recipe for successful gift giving!

You can find this pattern here it’s by Jennie Atkinson, and really check out Truknits project page for more information!

Definately a winner especially for those who love to accessorize!

More Holiday Crochet Ideas: Red and Gold Ornaments

Red and Gold Ornaments

Originally uploaded by Crafty Kitten

CLF member AmandaLynn made these amazing Christmas Ornaments! You have to check out her project page on Ravelry, if for no other reason than to check out the project picture with the antique hook used to make these pretties! She inherited from her grandmother and it’s phenominal!

Just like our creative crocheter’s skills! AmandaLynn has come up with a fabulous idea to trim your own tree or to give friends, family, teachers, and special someones’ gifts.

If I read her project notes correctly, she is willing to write the pattern if folks are interested. AmandaLynn, I think you need to start designing seriously, you have mad crochet skillz!

Holiday Crochet Gifting ideas:Purple Dream Freeform Scarf Cowl

As I surfed through the CLF projects page on I found this gorgeous free form scarf.

One of the things I adore about free form crochet is being able to play with texture and color, and your imagination!

How wonderful to be able to create beautiful flowers to adorn family and friends that have a certain je ne sais quois!

CLF member Ethnicdesign created this gorgeous scarf which is for sale on Etsy.

Stay tuned to this blog for more holiday crochet gifting ideas ;)!

Crochet Therapy

Hat and neck warmer

This set got one neice begging for a neck warmer...I guess they are the hot thing with teens this year.

I’ve written many times how crochet can be good therapy. So often it is where I go to sit and collect myself and my thoughts. It is where I find solace, and it is also where I find ways to gift people my special kind of fuzzy love.

Tonight 24 of us gathered together at a wonderful dinner, to join as a family, the night before what I imagine will be a huge memorial. My father in law was well known, and loved by many; we are blessed in that knowledged. We are also blessed with each other.

For my neice and nephew I made hats and scarves to take home with them after they leave tomorrow. They are indeed made with the intent to keep them warm in the cold climes where they live. However, they are also, portable Aunty Laurie hugs.


What’s really cool? They liked em…and the other kids KNOW theya re getting theirs, and are even comfortable enough to put in their orders for what they really want!

My nephew wearing the nifty chapeau I made him 🙂













Black Friday Yarn Purchasing: A wee bit of advice.

Yeah, today is THanksgiving, but tomorrow is “Black Friday.” The big shopping day. For fiber afficiandos everywhere the temptation to hit the craft stores is right up there on our lists. Before you hit the big box stores I want to break down some prices for you, just to remind you that your local yarn store may in FACT be the better deal.

Example: I specifically went to a big box store to get Lion Brand Homespun, it is the thickness and texture I wanted for a project. It has 187 yds per skein. It costs approximately .03 cents (US) per yard.  I have to drive 35 minutes to get to the store.

My local yarn store carried a similar weight yarn that is less textured, but would work for my projects (a bunch of tunisian scarves I’m whipping up on an S hook), and the skeins are 387 yds. They also cost approximately .03 per yard.

Why did I drive so far? I dunno. Not again I tell you, because if they don’t have what I’m looking for at my yarn store they will order it in for me, especially in bulk for a large project 🙂

So make sure you calculate your price per yard, you may find out that the “good yarns” aren’t always that much more expensive, in fact sometimes you get right close to the nose in price, get more yardage per skein, and may or may not have to drive so far.

It’s not worth the gas money unless you truly love a store 😉

How to calculate price per yard.  X =Sticker Price  Y= Yardage   X/Y=Price per yard.


Crocheting Comfort

Decorative squares from 24 blocks on a Roll by Bonnie Pierce

Comfort from goes both ways.

I have to admit I used to think the term “comfort-ghan” was trite, and I thought the idea of them to be kind, but of what use? I mean I’ve lost a lot of people in my life, from the deaths of friends, family, loved ones, to the other kinds of losses through divorce, and distance…how could an afghan, scarf, shawl make a dent in the pain?

It doesn’t.

It doesn’t make a dent, it doesn’t take it away…but it does do something. It reminds you that you are loved. And that is not something to question. Over the past three weeks our household has been showered with cards from community members, friends, relatives. We know we are thought of, loved, and people are with us. I have recieved so many thoughtful emails from my crochet community, and to you all I am most grateful.

As I crocheted my mother in law’s comfortghan, I too was comforted. In the days after my father in law’s death, the rhythmic movement of each bullion stitch, the dance my hands performed, was soothing and real in contrast to the grief that seemed to swirl in a surreal haze as my brain tried to digest the previous weekend’s events.

Made out of Marble Chunky...great yarn ;)

Each square was made with tenderness, memories are infused in each stitch, thoughts of my mother in law mingle with recollected moments of her with my father in law as I bound the squares together, and then edging the piece with the thought of love and healing, that only time can really cater to…

I won’t give it to her this weekend of the memorial though…I’m going to mail it. About a week from this coming Saturday, she will get this with a simple note.

It will be after this next week that people will start returning to their routines, or homes, and she won’t have constant company, as she has for the past month. That’s when the comfort will be truly needed, and this is a pretty snuggly blankie. It just feels more right this way.


What’s up with the “new yarn department”?

Michael’s has a “new” yarn department. After having run to two, yes two, Michael’s locations, I have to wonder if they thought decreasing choice, stock and options was good for business?

I have a million and one scarfs and afghans to make between now and next spring. Comfortghans, scarf/hat sets, and arm warmers for Christmas, and birthdays, and mementos for family. I am not going to buy the nicest yarn on the planet for most of these items. I am going to buy, good quality acrylic yarns that can be washed in a machine. There are a few people I will use nicer fibers/yarns and my handspun on, but not most people. Why? Because mohair and washing machine’s don’t get a long real well, because silk just doesn’t need bleach, because, because, because, well because dang it, I have 35 people to crochet for!!!!!!!!!

So, Michael’s for my acrylic needs for enmasse purchasing, you WERE my go to guy. Now? Empty shelves, none of the yarn I was hoping to see, only a few colors available in anything that isn’t super saver. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?

Of course people aren’t going to buy your yarn if all you have left is crap or ugly colors. (And yes, there are some vile colorways on the shelves in Mt. Vernon, WA.)

As the holidays approach, we are not done crocheting. Sure many crafters work ahead and start Christmas in July, but most folks realize by Thanksgiving that, “OH snap! I forgot Uncle Jimmy. AND little Timothy! AND Gwen!” Then off to some store they will run.

Do you really want to disappoint Uncle Jimmy? Do you want to make poor little Timmy and Gwen cry? Because when someone can’t find the right yarn, because of empty shelves…that’s exactly what you have done.

Shame on you Michael’s, poor little Timmy…and little Gwen…they weep because of a crap all yarn section in your stores.

Quick and Beautiful! Holiday Classic Gift!

All Shawl in Boucle

Originally uploaded by dorisjchan

Doris Chan’s All Shawl has quickly become a crochet classic. I can’t count the wonderful examples of this I have seen at conventions, and even in local yarn stores!!

What’s really great is that it’s a free download for a brilliant Doris Chan design! You can download the pattern on!!

This is on my Christmas Project list for my sister in law (my husband’s brother’s wife), who sadly also lost her father this month. Sometimes it takes more than a comfortghan, and this is sadly one of those occasions. However, I can think of nothing more comforting than having a Doris Chan design around your shoulders, especially one made with love!

For the Mer-folk lovers in your life!

Arianna Mermaid Doll

Originally uploaded by Carolyn Christmas

My teenage niece is totally into Mermaids! I’ve been searching through the crochet projects on looking for mermaid-spiration for her Christmas present!

I ran across this adorable amigurumi by Caroyln Christmas! The pattern is available for purchase on Ravlery. It’s too cute!

As the count down to the holidays happens, I’ll keep posting quick and easy projects! If you are looking for patterns or inspiration, leave a comment and I’ll do my best to come up with some fun ideas!

And don’t forget the CLF First Ever Book can be purchased from the CLF Official Website, both in Hard Copy and as a PDF download!


Christmas for Kitty


Originally uploaded by Craft Kitten

The CLF’s very own Craftkitten (aka Jennifer Reeve) made this fun cat toy which was featured in the CLF First Ever Book! Kitties love em!
In fact her feline loved the first one she made so much, she had to make a second one! (The first met a kitty cat in a dark alley…)

The pattern is called Sea Horsin’ Around (see it in her projects pages)!

For those of you with kitties that just can’t get enough of the good toys, here’s a great stocking stuffer.

Though, I think if just stuffed with polyfill it’s a cool piece o Ami for the kids(including the big ones!) in your life that love sea critters too!

More holiday crafting ideas coming up, so stay tuned!