CLF News..updates: The Book, The Retreat, etc


Well, my head is no longer spinning, but it will be a long time before things feel 100% ok again. As the reality of my father in law’s death sinks in, the more I really miss him. I think I fell in love with my husban deeper after meeting his dad! Joe and I could play name that tune together, and argue international politics for fun, and he had this great ability to make you want to do more, and be more. He thought our First Ever Book was a great concept, and was really proud of my figuring out how to do it on a shoestring!

He chuckled mightily at the thought of our adult book, his eyebrows raised, and asking, “Not too racy though right?” LOL..I teased him not answering, but he knew me well enough to know that it wouldn’t be raunchy!

Speaking of books…Needless to say, I’m a little behind schedule on getting things uploaded. That’s on my agenda this week. I have another website to work on too, and I’m behind in that AND I have work to do on the CLF Website. BTW  pdf is selling well of the CLF First Ever Book! Thanks to all of you who have purchased it from our own website!

The Retreat: Almost finalized the details. I have one more meeting with the people at the park and then I’ll get that portion of the website up. I think you’ll all be terribly happy with the prices etc…It’s going to be very informal, but chock a block full of crochet fun and crochet goodness.

Before the New Year the Retreat information will be available! BTW any business (especially yarn companies) that want to sponsor the retreat in the way of donations will get little web ads on the CLF website! And definately full acknowledgement at the retreat! I’ll be contacting many of you because we want to do a yarn tasting 🙂

So just getting back into things. Thank you all for your patience!


One response to “CLF News..updates: The Book, The Retreat, etc

  1. I don’t think you ever really get over missing people, but it does get easier. After a while, it’s a bittersweet ache instead of acute pain. And you stop thinking about it every waking minute. But you just can’t rush these things. You have some wonderful memories of your father-in-law. That’s a good thing. He really sounds cool.

    The retreat is going to be great! I’m so excited!

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