What’s up with the “new yarn department”?

Michael’s has a “new” yarn department. After having run to two, yes two, Michael’s locations, I have to wonder if they thought decreasing choice, stock and options was good for business?

I have a million and one scarfs and afghans to make between now and next spring. Comfortghans, scarf/hat sets, and arm warmers for Christmas, and birthdays, and mementos for family. I am not going to buy the nicest yarn on the planet for most of these items. I am going to buy, good quality acrylic yarns that can be washed in a machine. There are a few people I will use nicer fibers/yarns and my handspun on, but not most people. Why? Because mohair and washing machine’s don’t get a long real well, because silk just doesn’t need bleach, because, because, because, well because dang it, I have 35 people to crochet for!!!!!!!!!

So, Michael’s for my acrylic needs for enmasse purchasing, you WERE my go to guy. Now? Empty shelves, none of the yarn I was hoping to see, only a few colors available in anything that isn’t super saver. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?

Of course people aren’t going to buy your yarn if all you have left is crap or ugly colors. (And yes, there are some vile colorways on the shelves in Mt. Vernon, WA.)

As the holidays approach, we are not done crocheting. Sure many crafters work ahead and start Christmas in July, but most folks realize by Thanksgiving that, “OH snap! I forgot Uncle Jimmy. AND little Timothy! AND Gwen!” Then off to some store they will run.

Do you really want to disappoint Uncle Jimmy? Do you want to make poor little Timmy and Gwen cry? Because when someone can’t find the right yarn, because of empty shelves…that’s exactly what you have done.

Shame on you Michael’s, poor little Timmy…and little Gwen…they weep because of a crap all yarn section in your stores.

7 responses to “What’s up with the “new yarn department”?

  1. I went a few weeks ago for some Wool-Ease and there was not a whole lot new, and it was still in a dark corner. I asked the lady at check out if their store had been passed over for the new yarn section. She is also a yarn worker and said that sadly no they got it, and I said but it looks the same there is nothing new and the lighting still sucks. She sighed and said I know. I feel really badly for her and other yarn crafting employees. I did send a note to the corporate offices and only received an automated reply about “letting their buyer’s know” which I doubt will happen and the majority of the email was discussing the poor quality of light. Ugggg.

    • Just so you know, I doubt any amount of contact to this company would do any good. It’s owned by a very large investmetn venture capital kindof evil empire corp…They are prone to bottom line is all, versus quality, customer satisfaction, or treating their employees well.

      I’ve decided the last dime I will spend at this establisment has just been spent. My LYS is cheaper when I do the price per yard anyway.

  2. “Think of the CHILDREN!!!” LOL. But seriously, yeah, their selection stinks. I’ve been going to AC Moore more often lately anyway, since they have a loyalty program and a better selection, but for people who don’t have a choice in big-box craft stores, this is a serious problem…

    • Snicker…yeah…I feel making little Timmy cry is just shameful 😉

      We have no AC Moore where I live…nor Hobby Lobby. And the only decent Joann’s is in a county far far away from where I live…but I shall duplicate my comment about my LYS. She has great yarn, and it’s cheaper by price per yard anyway 😉 Duh…I tell myself.

  3. My two local Michaels seem to be decent as far as yarn selection goes — more Wool-Ease (my favorite basic yarn; for me better to work with than RHSS) and some other good brands like Patons. I can pick up a skein or two of something new, work up a gauge swatch then decide if I really want to make a whole item out of it. Yeah, still in the back corner, but it’s well lit, at least enough where you can actually tell the difference between black and navy.

    JoAnn’s has a far bigger yarn selection, but it’s a little farther to get to. We don’t have AC Moore in my neck of the woods.

  4. I feel your pain. Sadly, as pathetic as it is, Michael’s has the best yarn selection where I live. I wish my LYS was like the one you described in your other post. I don’t think it’s through lack of desire on their part, but their shelves have been pretty bare lately. I think it’s economy. The only other options are the big box stores in town. Michael’s is the best of the three which gives you an idea what the other two are like. I wish we had an AC Moore like the one I was in when I was back east last week for Thanksgiving. They had a much better selection than anything here. Better yet, I wish our LYS could manage a better selection. Sigh.

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