Black Friday Yarn Purchasing: A wee bit of advice.

Yeah, today is THanksgiving, but tomorrow is “Black Friday.” The big shopping day. For fiber afficiandos everywhere the temptation to hit the craft stores is right up there on our lists. Before you hit the big box stores I want to break down some prices for you, just to remind you that your local yarn store may in FACT be the better deal.

Example: I specifically went to a big box store to get Lion Brand Homespun, it is the thickness and texture I wanted for a project. It has 187 yds per skein. It costs approximately .03 cents (US) per yard.  I have to drive 35 minutes to get to the store.

My local yarn store carried a similar weight yarn that is less textured, but would work for my projects (a bunch of tunisian scarves I’m whipping up on an S hook), and the skeins are 387 yds. They also cost approximately .03 per yard.

Why did I drive so far? I dunno. Not again I tell you, because if they don’t have what I’m looking for at my yarn store they will order it in for me, especially in bulk for a large project 🙂

So make sure you calculate your price per yard, you may find out that the “good yarns” aren’t always that much more expensive, in fact sometimes you get right close to the nose in price, get more yardage per skein, and may or may not have to drive so far.

It’s not worth the gas money unless you truly love a store 😉

How to calculate price per yard.  X =Sticker Price  Y= Yardage   X/Y=Price per yard.



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