Crochet Therapy

Hat and neck warmer

This set got one neice begging for a neck warmer...I guess they are the hot thing with teens this year.

I’ve written many times how crochet can be good therapy. So often it is where I go to sit and collect myself and my thoughts. It is where I find solace, and it is also where I find ways to gift people my special kind of fuzzy love.

Tonight 24 of us gathered together at a wonderful dinner, to join as a family, the night before what I imagine will be a huge memorial. My father in law was well known, and loved by many; we are blessed in that knowledged. We are also blessed with each other.

For my neice and nephew I made hats and scarves to take home with them after they leave tomorrow. They are indeed made with the intent to keep them warm in the cold climes where they live. However, they are also, portable Aunty Laurie hugs.


What’s really cool? They liked em…and the other kids KNOW theya re getting theirs, and are even comfortable enough to put in their orders for what they really want!

My nephew wearing the nifty chapeau I made him 🙂













One response to “Crochet Therapy

  1. That is so great that you have such a great connection with your niece and nephew. I also love it that handmade crochet items are considered cool by the teenagers. Woo hoo!

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