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A year in Review ;)

Finally it’s here…I promised it was something special.

We did a lot in 2009! I know I promised at least one book this year, but I can promise it’s almost complete. My year was one of way ups and down. It started with my ex-husband passing away in January, and so we dealt with the kids going through the loss of a father they didn’t know well or remember well, but it was still a loss.Β  This fall my father in law passed away suddenly, rocking our world…The CLF lost a big fan. I lost a great father in law, my kids lost a fantastic grandpa, and my husband lost his father. I rarely have a year I wish to see end…2009…GOOD BYE!

I have hope that 2010 will be far better than 2009.

Yet beyond my own personal “crap”…(I could call it loss, tragedy and other more descriptive nouns, but frankly, “crap” describes it better as to how I feel about it)… The CLF went from strength to strength this year!

In February the CLF helped my local community raise awareness and funds to help keep our library (my office) on the island! Hundreds of Curly Wurly Googly Eyed bookworms came to Camano Island to be adopted by our youthful library patrons. We didn’t set a donation cap, the kids could bring in a penny, or 1000 pennies to get their bookworms. One little boy (3 yrs old) was collecting a WHOLE FAMILY!…This effort definately contributed to the Sno-Isle Library Systems’ dedication to continuing our library into the future! Thank you CLF!

We sponsored the first ever Crochet Awards: The Flamies!Β  A huge thank you to Mary Beth Temple for hosting the Flamies on her show! We’re doing again next year, right now we’re accepting nominations!

We went to the CGOA Regional in Portland! And many of you went to the National in Buffalo! I went to the Sock Summit, and found that most of the vendors were more than friendly, they were welcoming!

With Rockpool Candy and Jimbo we unveiled the world’s largest hook in Portland, and crocheted a giant spider’s web!

It was a good year for the CLF. Check out the video I made to represent all we did! You never know you might see yourself!

Jelly Yarn…yum!

Yeah, yeah, I know year’s retrospective…it’s coming I promise! In the mean time may I please be allowed to amuse you with my most recent obsession?

Jelly Yarn. Yes, you heard me, Jelly Yarn.Β  Yes, it is my new obsession. It just arrived today. Talk about blow my mind!

First of all I wouldn’t have figured it to be as supple as it is, and yet, it is very supple. Using lotion or lip balm on your hook makes it really glide, but I found I had to be a little careful with how much I put on my hook, otherwise it became a little too slippery for me to work with.

So here’s the first of my experiments with ye olde Jelly Yarn!

Still working with it to figure out it's full possiblities!
Made from “Vanilla” Jelly Yarn, it glows in the dark!

So, I’m working making it “block”…not that I really tried blocking it this morning, I basically got the yarn out of the box, picked up a hook, put some Bert’s Bees Lipbalm on it, and away I crocheted. I am liking it so far!

My next crochet attempt was with a crocheted rose, single petal at the moment, since I had to actually get some work done today, but I will more than likely at least edge it with the pink glow in the dark Jelly I have too…and the rose shall be part of a funkified belt I’m designing for my daughter πŸ™‚
A funky rose for a funky belt.

Year’s end…2010 and more…

Ok folks, the holidays are almost past us, and I have to admit an error in my judgement. What the HELL was I thinking setting Dec. 31 as the first of my registration days? Are you kidding? There is no way I can do that…Oh sure if I had high speed internet at home, but I don’t. I have to run pillar to post to get my webstuff done. SOOOO…PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE bear with me…

After the first of the year I will have our Retreat registration up πŸ˜‰Β  In the meantime don’t forget to check in at the CLF Website, as that is slowly but surely getting morphed into something a little more polished πŸ˜‰

And sometime this week I will have a Year’s end post that I think you are all gonna love πŸ˜‰

Holiday Crochet: 4 days

4 days left, well actually 3 and maybe a few more if you are like me and have several “after Christmas-Christmas get togethers”. I will more than likely be crocheting on Christmas day, since I’m meeting up with family and friends on the 27th, and then on the 29th.

What do I have to finish? Fingerless glove covers…Yes, they are fingerless and go over the top of stretchy gloves. But those can be done after Christmas because we’re meeting that part of the family after New Years. Right now there is a cravat to be done a set of wash cloths, more wash cloths, a scarf and hat, a cravat, and another cravat, and doll cloths. The bunny slippers are complete other than the embroidery for the eyeballs. I do have to complete another scarf and hat set, or maybe just a hooded scarf. We’ll see what else needs to be done πŸ˜‰

I still need to think of something to make for my son who really really really wants Mom to make him something for Christmas. I’m thinking about a mesh bag for his Tae Kwon Do stuff. That won’t take long and is cool πŸ™‚

Anyway, that’s my list, and I’ll post pics maybe tomorrow or Wednesday. I’m rather proud of the cute little bunny slippers I made for my little neice’s American Girl Doll πŸ˜‰ They are too much fun, now I have to make the matching bath robe, and hat, scarf belt and sweater πŸ™‚ A hooker’s work is truly never done.

No stress though, it is now into the crochet zen time πŸ˜‰ I am one with my hook, and it is one with me…and making the doll clothes brought the magic back. What did I say, I knew it could come back, it always does!

Holiday Crochet: Cupcake Potholder

cupcakes 014

Originally uploaded by BearsyCat

Ok folks, this is the last of the Holiday Crochet offerings from the Crochet Liberation Front! This really adorable potholder is just the ticket, you could use any color scheme, you like! This pattern is just precious!!

Created by Bearsycat on Ravelry,Β  this pattern is on Ravelry & can be yours for a very very low price! Support the independant spirit people!!

Pattern is by Doni Speigle.

Love the textures in this fun, fun, FUN potholder!!

Happy Mad Crocheting to you this weekend…Let’s raise a mug o’ hot cocoa together!

Holiday Crochet: Puppet with ‘tude!


Originally uploaded by Star Knits

Meet “Clabbert” who is ” tree dwelling monkey frog like creature that has a pustule in the middle of it’s forehead that glows when muggles or danger approach.” According to CLF Member Starknits on

Ok, so we know I needed a little Christmas Cheer…this did it. The most wonderful magical puppet with a glow in the dark “Pustule”.. I loves it, I needs one, so I shall crochet puppets. Maybe not in time for the holidays but I need to do some puppeteering, because well, it just makes me giggle.

Too cute!

Holiday Crochet: Let’s face it, I’m tired.

This would be a rant, if I had the energy to put into it. I don’t have the energy to rant, because let’s face it, I’m tired. I’m not going to do the year end retrospective just yet, but my gosh 2009 has been one of downs and ups and downs again, and right about now I’m digging deep for the holiday cheer.

When the kids were little it was easy to find, magic was easy to conjur, and sparkles in eyes could be seen in any kind of light. They’re big now, somewhat jaded, but hey they’re teenagers they have a right to be jaded. They love the stuff I make, and they want me to crochet them presents. It’s all good. But, I’ve made a zillion and one things, and I’m not done yet, my house has been cleaned and decorated but you’d never know I just cleaned it, we have to clean it again. And we have company coming, it’s not a bad thing, it’s people I dearly love! And frankly they won’t care if the house is messy, after all it’s my very very very best and oldest girlfriend and her husband. In fact, she and I were jaded teenagers together, and helped clean out the pits formerly called our “rooms”. So, I won’t stress over the house’; but I’m still tired.

The song, “We need a little Christmas” is running through my head. Cause you know, I’m just not feeling it this year. Actually, I haven’t felt it for the last few years. It seems more and more like it’s just something on the “to do” list, that the “specialness” and “magic” went poof. Maybe it’s the lack of decorations you see out in the streets, maybe it’s that Christmas shopping has no zing to it any more. I mean, don’t you remember when it was an event?

You’d get dressed up, and the whole family would “go downtown” or to a special mall that had gorgeous decorations, and you went for the “day”, and you had lunch out, met Santa or the Cinnamon Bear, and there were REAL Christmas displays not some plasticy roboty generic thing, but real little villiages with snow and sparkles and lights, and choo choo trains…Do you remember? I do. I miss all of that. I miss the magic. I need a little Christmas.

I’m crocheting as fast as I can so I can crochet me some Christmas I tell you. I NEED more snowflakes, and snowmen, and roses, and whiskers on kittens and bright woolen mittens. I need hot chocolate, and I need the Sound of Music! Why the heck hasn’t that been on yet? Tell me why?!!!

Ok…so I’m having a holiday melt down. Anyone else? I know if I go to bed, get some sleep, clean up my house and make some snowflakes (screw the four last scarves I have to finish) I’ll feel better. Maybe I’ll even bake some cookies. Yeah, cookies…that’s the ticket. I’ll bake cookies.

Anyone else feeling like this? Just curious…and no I’m not depressed, I’m just missing the magic, it will come back, it always does.

Holiday Crochet: Something Quick & Cute!


Originally uploaded by Cerya (

Well, we have less than 10 days until Christmas, so I’m looking for the quick and cute pattern that will help those last minute, “OMG I forgot so & so!” moments.

These are no ordinary scrubby! I think they are delightfully cute, and reminiscent of Ms. Pacman in a way…or the ghosts…one or the other, but they are really cute!

These “Foamies”Created byCLF Member FullofFluff aka Β Carey Huffman, this is a free pattern available here!

Happy Crocheting!

Holiday Crochet: Gifts for Dogs & Dog Lovers

OK, this hot dog coat is too much fun! It was designed by K.J. Hay for Caron International and I fell in love with it the first time I saw it! In fact a good friend of mine, who just happens to own “Sammi the Sausage” a wonderful daschund, has demanded I send her link so she can make her stylin’ poochy more stylin.

Well, what better gift can you think of for the dog that has it all?!

You can think of others? Me too and I’ll be searching the project pages for more dog and cat paraphenalia!

Holiday Crochet: Wine Bottle Gift Bag

Originally uploaded by Drew – The Crochet Dude

For the wine lover’s in our lives! These quick and easy crocheted gift bags add a little je ne sais quois to the holiday gift giving process!

This pattern is by none other than The Crochet Dude, Drew Emborsky. I like this kind of gift because it multi-tasks in a variety of ways.

So, if you have family like mine that likes a nice bottle of vino here and again what a perfect way to wrap up the gift they love best!

Makes a great hostess gift too! I can see edging a lovely red bag with gold or silver sparkly yarn for a little bit of extra holiday flair!

Also don’t forget you can still get the CLF First Ever Book on, or as a pdf download for only $9.99 on the CLF Website!