Holiday Crochet: Doll Clothes & Accessories

AG Bunny Slipper

Originally uploaded by Cobblers Cabin

My beloved Gwennie is a girl of her own mind! My 9 year old niece desperately wanted an American Girl Doll for her birthday, and so all of the family pitched into the “Gwennie needs this doll or else fund”…

Well, here’s the sad thing, “Molly” (The doll) has cold feet. I am charged with making slippers, a robe, and hair decorations, a hat, maybe a blanket (and what ever else Princess Gwennie comes up with for Aunty Laurie…yes, I’m a sucker for a pretty face and puppy dog eyes!)…

Some of my favorite Christmas presents ever were the doll clothes my Aunty Gloria made me when I was about 8 years old. She crocheted them, and they were fabulous! I didn’t even like playing with dolls, but I sure liked to dress the dolls in those fashion items made because MY AUNTY loved me so!

So if you are searching you brain for a kids gift, remember that boys like blankies for their toys too, or horse blankets, or duffle bags to hold their stuff or their action figures in! Especially if you can find glow in the dark yarn…(that’s another blog post!)

I found this really cute pattern on Ravelry! These were made by Cobblerscabin, and it has a free download, but while we’re at it, check out the THREE PAGES of cool doll clothes that fit 18″ dolls, such as the American Girl series, or other fun companions of kids (and big kids) everywhere!

One response to “Holiday Crochet: Doll Clothes & Accessories

  1. Cute Slippers! I like to crochet American Girl Doll Clothes too! This year I made a green and white dress for my sister’s doll as a Christmas present. Check it out and my other doll clothes i crochet here:

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