Holiday Crochet: For the Gamers in your life


Originally uploaded by NeedleNoodles

Everybody knows somebody who games, used to game, is married to a gamer (I know my husband is…oh wait we both are), what more could say “Happy Holiday” than a crocheted d20?

Perfect for the new parent gamers, no worries about choking hazards or poked out eyes. Perfect for the cat lover gamer, ’cause you could fill it with some catnip to keep them off the dungeon map and chasing your other dice. Perfect cause, dang it…it’s just that cool.

Harkens me back to the dayz when I crocheted a Spocky the Snowman!

This lovely pattern was created by Ravelry member NeedleNoodles, and is available as a download on Ravelry for only $2.50.  NeedleNoodles is also an Etsy Store so go look at the neat stuff there too! Com’on, you know you’ve paid more than that for dice before!

One response to “Holiday Crochet: For the Gamers in your life

  1. Don’t forget to mention that NeedleNoodles is also the author of Creepy Cute Crochet, which is a great little book chock-full of weird and amusing amigurumi creatures, like zombies, vampires, cthulhu, and monkeys.

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