Holiday Crochet: 4 days

4 days left, well actually 3 and maybe a few more if you are like me and have several “after Christmas-Christmas get togethers”. I will more than likely be crocheting on Christmas day, since I’m meeting up with family and friends on the 27th, and then on the 29th.

What do I have to finish? Fingerless glove covers…Yes, they are fingerless and go over the top of stretchy gloves. But those can be done after Christmas because we’re meeting that part of the family after New Years. Right now there is a cravat to be done a set of wash cloths, more wash cloths, a scarf and hat, a cravat, and another cravat, and doll cloths. The bunny slippers are complete other than the embroidery for the eyeballs. I do have to complete another scarf and hat set, or maybe just a hooded scarf. We’ll see what else needs to be done 😉

I still need to think of something to make for my son who really really really wants Mom to make him something for Christmas. I’m thinking about a mesh bag for his Tae Kwon Do stuff. That won’t take long and is cool 🙂

Anyway, that’s my list, and I’ll post pics maybe tomorrow or Wednesday. I’m rather proud of the cute little bunny slippers I made for my little neice’s American Girl Doll 😉 They are too much fun, now I have to make the matching bath robe, and hat, scarf belt and sweater 🙂 A hooker’s work is truly never done.

No stress though, it is now into the crochet zen time 😉 I am one with my hook, and it is one with me…and making the doll clothes brought the magic back. What did I say, I knew it could come back, it always does!

One response to “Holiday Crochet: 4 days

  1. Amy (aka Greenwoman)

    I’m so glad the magic came back for you! And I’m also glad it’s you with all those projects still to complete not me! I’ve finished all the gifts I’m making, but am still working on a Santa hat for me. (I had to use up the red skein of yarn that I bought just so I could have about 2 yards of it for a scarf on an amigurumi snowman.) Anyway, I really thought I needed a Santa hat to wear on the bus to work. I might get it done in time to wear it Wednesday. I also have a beaded Christmas tree pin in the works. That’s a project I’ve been meaning to do for about 3 years, and dag nab it, this year I’m doing it. Even if it isn’t done until Christmas Day.

    Happy hooking on all those projects! I’ll lift a cup of cocoa to you!

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