Ravelympics Team: The Flaming Hooks.

Today is the last day to vote on the CLF’s team for the “Ravelympics”  button and banner! Go vote for your favorite HERE!

I voted 🙂

We have 71 folks in the group  and let’s have some more! Let’s smoke them all with crocheted brilliance. There are so many events to choose from!!! I’m inspired, and have plans…yes, plans…be wary..oh yes, plans.

I digress, we can use more people to sign up! And I give huge thanks to CLF members, arielart and tena for their hard work setting up the team, and moderating the forum! Thank you so much guys!!

You’ve never heard of the Ravelympics? Why it’s a wonderful way to celebrate the spirit of global fiber artistry! During the two weeks of the Olympics, we who do fiber arts can sit and watch the events, AND even better compete against each other to see who can use up the most yarn, crochet the most lace, work more single skein projects and so much more 😉

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