Daily Archives: January 7, 2010

Book Review: Creating Crochet Fabric

Dora Ohrenstein, the crochetinsider, has brought us a rhapsodical journey of hooks and fiber in her new book, Creating Crochet Fabric (lark books, 2010)

For those of you who have not ventured off the known crocheted path, because of the amazing and overwhelming amounts of fiber choices into today’s yarn world, fear no more! Dora Ohrenstein will happily take you by the hand, and walk you through the wonderful world of fibers and possiblities in her intreguing and inspiring new book!

Through her own experiential and experimental process Dora shows how various yarns play together, solo, and how with some ingenuity, and a little know how, you can freely play with yarn to create fabulous items. Whereas she encourages you to move beyond the pattern, and convincingly explains that swatching is a creative process in it’s own right, she also provides some artful, unique, and beautiful patterns!

Another thing I completely adore about this book, is the unique stitch patterns and wonderful diagrams/charts. Fabulous! The book is well written, thoughtfully planned, well edited and wonderfully executed 😉

I’m rather partial the the tunisian crochet jackets she made, and was quite put out that she beat me to it, because I’ve had a design running around in my head that’s almost exactly like her simple stitch jacket!! It turned out just like I envisioned and we never even talked about it! LOL…

Yet one more book I wish I would have had in my early crochet journey, one I am glad to have now to help inspire my own crochet designs. This is going to be a go to book for me when I’m having one of those creative “blah” days, because the photos, color schemes and textures just make your hands itch to get back into the hook!