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If you haven’t already heard, I recently had a pattern published in Crochet Today! I know, I know, what happened to my indie spirit? What happened to my wanting to go it alone? Hey, I found out that I can indeed work on a contract, and it turn out great! LOL, I still have my indie self out there, and I don’t mind working for “the fuzzy man” (or woman as the case may be)…

In the Jan/Feb 2010 issue of Crochet Today! my Hiking Socks are featured. Huges thanks to the patience of the tech editor and to the editing staff at Crochet Today! What a cutie that model is! To see this pattern online go to Crochet Today’s website.

I actually really enjoyed the process of working with someone else, especially since it entailed a lot less work to just write the pattern up and mail off the socks. Normally, that’s only my beginning, then I have photography, and editing photos, and laying out pattern, and making sure it’s correct and blah blah blah…and then I publish it 🙂 This time I just got to be the paid “crochet sock monkey”…that worked for me! I look forward to more pattern writing for others in the future, but for now?

I’m still working on the book, I’ve found some little niggly things that I’m tweaking, the book will most likely max out at 80 pages. So why is it taking longer? Um…so I don’t have to redo it three times like I did the first book 🙂 That’s why!

The good news is that it’s looking great, I love the patterns, and I’ve enjoyed designing the book. It’s a little more “traditional”, but the content is too much fun! The book looks like it will max out at maybe 80 pages (doing the dividers now etc and some filler) which will make it considerably cheaper, while still being full color! YAY

Thanks for all of your patience!

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