Fearless Leader’s Hiking Socks

Featured in Crochet Today
Photo from Crochet Today

 I forgot to post the photo! Duh…Here are the quick and easy Hiking Socks I designed for CrochetToday! Magazine. You can check out the magazine on their website. (I think the model is just tooo cute!)

The yarn used is Red Heart’s Heart & Sole with Aloe Vera. It’s an easy yarn to work with, washable wool, and it’s a pretty smooth ride all in all. I find it comparable to Regia (which is owned by Coats & Clark in Europe) sock yarns. 
Often when we think of Redheart yarn we think of Supersaver, which has it’s place in the scheme of the yarny universe, but Redheart actually has a TON of different kinds of yarns in many different textures. I have to give this yarn a thumbs up, I’d like to see more solids in it, as ombre wouldn’t be my first choice to work with, or if I had another choice I might throw a solid strand with the ombre to break up the striping. But, as you can see in the photo above, I worked the yarn as best as I could to keep that pooling to a minimum! I particularly like how the “gussets” come to nice angles, which look great in the sock 🙂
Stay tuned for more crochet sock news! I’ll be teaching a three part sock class in Stanwood, WA. I’m almost done with the pattern. A completely customizable sock pattern that will work for any size foot, without having to laboriously count stitches 😉 Oh yeah, let’s hear for the lazy hookers like me!

3 responses to “Fearless Leader’s Hiking Socks

  1. Yaaaay! I don’t mind Heart and Sole myself–it’s been great for my husband, who’s hard on his socks. (And yes, the model is adorable…)

  2. Yeah, this is a good solid wearable sock yarn. Like I said, it’s really similar to Regia, which I like to crochet up socks in. In fact there is almost no difference between the two yarns at all.

  3. Amy (aka Greenwoman)

    Yes, the model is way cute. And someday I will tackle crocheting socks.

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