Celebrating Crochet

There have been a few close calls on our message board of late. Nothing invalid with the sentiments in them, people annoyed at fairly well known pointy stick personalities dissin’ the hook. The subject has been well hashed over at the CLF message board, and frankly we don’t like to mention folks by name. Mostly because a) it gets them more attention than they deserve for “good naturedly” bashing the hook, and b) because it doesn’t do us (The CLF) any favors.

Here’s the deal folks, if those so called experts actually knew two cents worth about crochet they wouldn’t malign our craft. It’s all just mumblings of the “I use pointy sticks, therefore I know more about yarn than anyone else” syndrome, and plenty of the pointy stick people have that syndrome; trust me.

So here’s our remedy to the situation:

a) don’t engage.

b) don’t buy their products

c) Celebrate the fabulous crocheters out there who have been working hard to showcase our craft, up our knowledge base, and give us wonderful designs to make.

I particularly like c) because it is proactive. Frankly, I don’t give a rodents derriere about what some pointy stick expert has to say about crochet. Why? Well, mostly I’ll never read those opinions anyway, since I do not purchase pointy stick reading paraphenalia, any more than I buy wood turning reading paraphenalia. I do not do either of those crafts so why purchase the reading materials? Meh.

Those folks who say what we do is ugly, or can’t do this, that or the other, are misinformed, misguided, and frankly full of the dung of many camels. So, why give them the advantage of bad press.

Remember all press is good press, including bad press, so just stop talking about them. Stop buying their products, and support the people who show love for the hook. Let’s focus on what is right here, and ignore the motherless daughters of flea ridden beasts and their spewing of untruths.


8 responses to “Celebrating Crochet

  1. Crochet work has been used to teach advanced mathematical concepts. Yes, really! Check these links.

  2. Dont worry. Even if I ever DID learn how to knit with any real skill, I would not promote any person who dares to dis crochet. There are some crafts I am not exactly crazy about but I sure as heck wouldnt use the printed word to promote that POV. Pretty nervy, IMO.

    I like “C”, too….thats one reason I agreed to author the Crochet Corner column on Ravelry. Its my small contribution to promote crochet.

  3. Love the post and totally agree with a, b & c! I’ve done b with my scrapbooking dollars and with my other discretionary money. If someone doesn’t want to open their minds to the possibilities, then I don’t need to open my wallet to their goods. Thanks for posting.

  4. I’m with you 100% – especially those who jump on the crochet bandwagon to make a few bucks. Vote with your wallets, don’t support these narrow minded people!

    • I’m so glad you mentioned that! When the push to make crochet more visible started about 5 years ago I was so annoyed with many of the articles written by “converts” acting like their information was suddenly new and innovative. I kept thinking, “Hell, I’ve done that all of my life!”

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