Seeing Crochet with “New Eyes”

Dear CLF members and friends,

I have a confession to make…mea culpa…I was wearing glasses that were too old and scratched up. My glasses are what help me function in the world, and I was a bad fearless leader, that’s right I was. I meant to get my eyes checked two years ago, but I got busy, then last year? Well, we know how last year went don’t we? Between big exciting things and awful things, I ended up not getting my new glasses. For the past six months, I was feeling my way around. I had stopped driving long distances as much, in fact I wasn’t doing more than grocery shopping if I couldn’t help it.

To make matters worse, I couldn’t figure out WHY I was exhausted after working on the second book for more than 10 minutes at a time. Well, two years passed, without me taking care of my most essential need: My eyesight.

Do I know better? Yup and Uh huh…But I did what lots of moms do, and wives, and husbands and dad’s do, I put me last, and forgot that if you don’t take care of it, you don’t always notice how bad it’s getting.

So, now that I’ve publically beaten myself up for letting me run around with crap all for eyesight, here’s the wonderful news.

For the very first time in my life my vision has been corrected to 20/25. Usually the best they can get is 20/35!!

I picked up my new glasses yesturday and I couldn’t believe everything I could see! I don’t know if I can still register all of the changes! It’s WONDERFUL…and the best part, I got to crochet, and see the whole piece and not just one stitch at a time… It’s amazing.

So expect things to move along a little better now, because as I told my family when I walked into the house and saw the details of the dirty house…ARG…”Mom, can see now, and you’re all in trouble!”

It goes for the industry now…I can see, and oh my are you all TROUBLE!” (not the CLF’ers of course!)


7 responses to “Seeing Crochet with “New Eyes”

  1. that is wonderful.. not that you put it off for two years.. but that you can see again 🙂

    • LOL yeah, as one friend said, “fine, get beating yourself over with…then can we celebrate?”

      It’s too beautiful a world to go around in a haze if you don’t have to!


  2. I think as women we’re used to putting ourselves last — it’s hard to say “NO!” to every single demand and request. But if we don’t take care of ourselves, whether it’s getting those eyes checked, getting to the doctor for the annual physical, or just taking time to sit and crochet and recharge one’s batteries, how the heck are we going to be in good enough shape to take care of others?

    Enjoy the new glasses!

    • I so agree! Last year, every time I went to get new glasses “something” came up. Now a lot of those somethings were big deals (so are my eyes), so in December, I promised myself that in January I would just go for it.

      It’s so nice to just wake up and not be fuzzy headed because my poor brain isn’t exhausted from having to work so hard!

  3. Amy (aka Greenwoman)

    Those eyesight changes do sneak up on us. I had that same kind of “Wow!” moment when I put on my first pair of reading glasses after presbyopia made its midlife appearanc. Glad you finally got yourself some new eyes and just as importantly got the health of your eyes checked. We don’t want things like glaucoma sneaking up on us! Enjoy all the newly visible details!

  4. What wonderful news! I am so happy for you and your new eyes. New lenses can make all the difference.

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