Daily Archives: February 5, 2010

Fearless Leader says…Attitude Adjustment

Fellow CLFers and crochet enthusiasts we need to chat.

Recently I have had more than one message in my inbox on Ravelry.com talking about the need for we who crochet, to work on a more positive bent. These aren’t people saying we haven’t been done wrong, or misrepresented, these are people who realize that sometimes people have had enough of being done wrong and can sometimes undergo, what is called, a reaction formation and lash out.

The CLF is NOT about lashing out. We are not about wreaking revenge, nor are we about militant crochet acts. The name is just a joke, except for the liberation part.

Almost all liberation or empowerment movements have a time and place in which they can get stuck. The women’s movement (for example) in seeking parity worked off the assumption that since males had the power in society equality meant parody. Parody is not equality, parody is flattery, is copying, but it doesn’t make you equal.

So often we get caught up in the negative, in that  moment of dissention we can not step back long enough to say, hey what does equal really mean? How do I define liberation for myself? How can I liberate myself? Am I really free if I place someone else in chains? Am I really equal when I give up a very essential part of myself in order to appear like the person in power? Merely listing how we been done wrong changes nothing; we all know crochet is treated in an unequal manner by the industry and by folks in general.

That’s one of the reason I post beautiful projects made by crocheters on this blog, to show what we do well. Forget what anyone else thinks about it. To quote a very disadvantaged and persecuted 19th century author, “The best revenge is living well.” You know who he was? Oscar Wilde. Yup, he was thrown into jail on more than one occasion, and well, I love that little pearl of wisdom.

Let us live well CLFers. Let us stop asking to be invited to the party, and make our own party. Who cares what certain other people think of us? Yeah, ignorance hurts, but you know the only way to truly combat ignorance? Education.

Recently on the CLF board there was a thread started that made my blood run cold (as a moderator) the very topic could have caused a huge flame war, and I read the posts with one eye open, hoping I wouldn’t have to put out fires let alone referee a wrestling match. Why did I worry? I should have known better, I watched members of the CLF respond exactly as I would like to see  on our board! With education in mind, not attitude, with good information and kind words, versus anger and ire.

So on the one hand, yes some of us are tired of being put down. Who enjoys being put down? I know I don’t. But, there is not one thing we can do about other people’s opinions. All we can do is check ourselves, our motives, and continue on with our passion for the hook.

Today if you blog, show something you have made, talk about it on it’s own terms, compare it to nothing, apologize for nothing, state your name, rank and age! That’s right, show the world that you can crochet if you are 12 or 22 or 33 or 88, doesn’t matter. Show that what you do IS beautiful, and screw what the rest of the world thinks.