The Ravelympics! Support Your CLF Team

The yarn world’s answer to real competition, the Ravelympics start this Friday to celebrate the Winter Olympics in Vancouver. This is the second Ravelympics, for those of us who love watching them and for those who don’t, an excuse to play with yarn is always grand!

This time around the CLF has a team, The CLF Flaming Hooks!!  Notice how cool our badges are!

To join the team (there’s still time) go here!, you can belong to more than one team, but they do ask that entries are submitted for only one team that you are on. So Fearless Leader (me) is on two teams, both Flaming Hooks and ColorBOMBers, my handspinning and dyeing entries will go to the second team, my crochet entries will go to the CLF 😉

I just bought a wonderful cotton yarn to make a lace wrap for spring, and I’m going to try to have that as my designed and published piece!

To see the rules and events check it out on, and enjoy! Everything kicks off 6pm PST on Friday, Feb 13!

Stay posted for more information and pics of Fearless Leader’s and other CLF member’s entries!


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